Green Belt review

The Government attaches great importance to Green belt. The fundamental aim of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open; essential characteristics of Green belt are their openness and their permanence.

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

A Review of Doncaster's Green Belt is being carried out by independent consultants Arup on behalf of The Council. The Review is a key piece of work that will inform the preparation of the Local Plan. The Review does not itself make any decisions. It is one of many pieces of evidence that will inform the Local Plan. Land can only be taken out of the Green Belt or added to it through the Local Plan process.

The Review is a comprehensive one and comprises three pieces of work:

Countryside Policy Area Review - A Report that looks at the general extent of Doncaster's Green Belt and the performance of the policies that protect the Countryside outside the Green Belt

Countryside Policy Area Review
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it finds that:

  • The Countryside in the east of the borough does not meet the national policy requirements for Green Belt or align with the original designation for the South Yorkshire Green Belt; there are no exceptional circumstances that would justify an eastward extension of Doncaster's Green Belt
  • The Countryside protection policies that have been used for countryside outside the Green Belt have not permitted inappropriate development or performed inadequately. The Countryside in the east of the borough can be properly protected using other policies

Doncaster Green Belt Review - The Main Report that looks at Doncaster's Green Belt and how well it performs against the 5 Green Belt purposes

Doncaster Green Belt Review
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it finds that:

  • the vast majority of the 64 individually assessed Green Belt parcels contribute strongly to one or, in most cases, more than one of the 5 Green Belt purposes

The Green Belt Review Phase 3 report looks at the implications of removing specific sites from the Green Belt to accommodate housing or employment allocations.  57 sites were assessed on their strength of case for continuing in the local plan site selection process, considering their impact on the Green Belt purposes and requirements.  The results of this report contribute to the site selection process , as well as contributing to the understanding of whether "exceptional circumstances" may exist which justify the release of land from the Green Belt, although the report itself does not make any decisions.

Green Belt Review Stage 3 - Part 1
Download (4.64MB - PDF)
Green Belt Review Stage 3 - Part 2
Download (5.46MB - PDF)

Green Belt Stage 3 Addendum - This report, prepared by consultants Ove Arup Partners, assesses new Green Belt sites submitted after the Stage 3 Review was completed, as part of the draft Local Plan Consultation in 2018. It also looks at sites that were previously not assessed in the settlements of Askern, Edlington and Rossington, and assesses them against a localised interpretation of the Green Belt purposes, in the same way sites have been assessed in the Stage 3 report. In total, 29 additional sites have been assessed.

Doncaster Green Belt Review Stage 3 Addendum
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Green Belt Summaries - This paper summarises the findings of the Green Belt Stage 3 and Stage 3 Addendum, undertaken by consultants Ove Arup Partners.

Green Belt Stage 3 Site Summaries
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Green Belt Topic Paper - This topic paper explains the boroughs approach to Green Belt in the Local Plan. It looks at the work undertaken, how decisions related to the Green Belt have been made, and the justification for these. Topics covered include: Exceptional Circumstances justification; Safeguarded Land approach; Small Sites work (replacing part of the Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review – see the Identifying Development Limits Report for small Countryside Sites); Minor amendments; and Adding land into the Green Belt.

Green Belt Topic Paper
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Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.


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