Conservation area appraisals in progress

A conservation area is an 'area of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which is desirable to preserve or enhance'. It is the character of the area rather than the presence of individual buildings, which justifies designation of a conservation area.

As part of the Council's programme to review all 46 conservation areas that lie within the Borough, all conservation areas will be assessed and appraisals, including management proposals, will be compiled. Appraisals will set out what is special about each and will also be used to guide planning decisions in the conservation area. The management proposals give suggestions on how the uniqueness can be preserved and/or enhanced.

Each appraisal will be consulted on before being finalised.

The locations of the conservation areas can be viewed on the Heritage Map.

Appraisals already completed

Appraisals have been completed on each of the following conservation areas, the details of which can be viewed by using the relevant link below.

Some of these appraisals are more than five years old and therefore are now subject to a review as indicated below. For more information please go to the relevant area's individual web page via the links:

Bawtry - being reviewed

Bessacarr - to be reviewed


Conisbrough - review complete

Doncaster - Bennetthorpe

Doncaster - Christ Church - review complete

Doncaster - High Street - review complete

Doncaster - Market Place - review complete

Doncaster - St George's - review complete

Doncaster - South Parade

Doncaster - Thorne Road - review complete

Doncaster - Town Field - review complete

Doncaster - William Nuttall Cottage Homes - review complete

Fishlake - being reviewed


Newton - review complete


Other Conservation Areas

Appraisals are being prepared or are expected to be undertaken soon on the following conservation areas:


Further Information

Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

If you wish to be involved or wish to comment on the draft appraisals when these go to public consultation please contact the conservation team by emailing: or by calling: 01302 734922 or 735199

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