Commercial design

The buildings where people work and visit can have a huge impact on those who use them, the communities that surround them and the natural environment.

Doncaster is seeing a transformation of its traditional employment base, with many on-going developments, creating new jobs and helping to diversify the economy. 

There is a need to ensure that these developments are designed to the highest possible quality.

When investing in these workplaces, it is important to consider:

  • the impact of the design (both in economic and environmental terms) throughout the lifetime of the building
  • the place it is located
  • the stakeholders involved
  • the wider environment

Key planning policies

Key policies relating to commercial design are set out in:

  • and the Core Strategy - under policy CS14 that deals with Design and Sustainable construction. CS14 requires all non-residential developments to meet BREEAM ‘very good’ and provide 10 per cent of the developments regulated energy from renewable sources. Further details can be found at sustainable construction.
  • Development Guidance and Requirements SPD - This document sets out guidance to help implement policies set out in the adopted development plan. In particular, it sets out detailed requirements and guidelines against which planning applications will be judged, as part of an assessment of wider planning considerations in relation to a site. It includes guidance on commercial design, the historic environment, transport and access, green infrastructure, biodiversity, geodiversity and ecology, open space, landscape, trees and hedgerows.

Employment design guide

Employment Design Guide
Download (10.8MB)

This guide has been produced for use by the local authorities in South Yorkshire, developers, designers, councillors and the community. The guidance identifies the responsibilities of the key players in the development process to ensure that good design is achieved and sustained. It sets out best practice guidance to inform designers and a framework for the assessment of development proposals.

Application examples

The following applications are considered good examples of commercial proposals that generally meet the council’s design policy and guidance. The application files, Design and Access Statements, and plans, can be viewed online by entering the application numbers (highlighted bold below) into the planning applications online search page.

  1. 10/01866/REMM - New Performance Venue CAST 
  2. 10/00808/REMM - Civic offices, Waterdale 
  3. 10/02068/3FUL - My-place centre Bentley 
  4. 11/03131/OUTM - Outline supermarket application Mexborough 
  5. 12/02892/FULM - Grand St Ledger Hotel Extension 
  6. 12/00477/FULM - Vue Cinema Extension

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