Housing in an ageing population

Doncaster's Housing Strategy for an ageing population

About the Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Population (HAP)

Doncaster’s Housing Strategy 2008-2011 identified a need to develop a strategy that meets the housing needs of older people in Doncaster.

During 2009, Doncaster Council's Strategic Housing Department, in collaboration with colleagues from Adult Services and Neighbourhoods led the task of carrying out a comprehensive survey of the housing needs of older people to inform the development of a Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Population.

The research study took into account of a range of national, local and regional strategies; most notably Lifetime Homes Lifetime Neighbourhoods – A National Housing Strategy for an Ageing Population; Putting People First– a Concordat to promote independence well-being and dignity for older people- and Doncaster’s White Paper on Older People ‘’In All Our Interests’’.

To oversee the development of the HAP Strategy an Older Peoples’ Strategy Project Group was established.  This was to ensure a representative cross section of opinion and input was received from:

  • Adult Social Care
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood Directorates
  • Doncaster Health and Community Health
  • Older People’s Parliament
  • Third sector older people’s groups
  • St Leger Homes of Doncaster (SLHD)
  • Housing Associations
  • Planning officers

During the development of the HAP Strategy extensive consultation was carried out with the following: 

• Older people
• Accommodation scheme managers and staff 
• St Leger Homes of Doncaster (SLHD)
• Voluntary and Community representatives
• Housing Associations
• Doncaster Council Officers

The outcome of all this work has led to the development of a strategy for Housing in an Ageing Population (HAP) available to download on this page. The HAP Strategy was approved at 21st February 2011 Cabinet and forms part of the new 2011-14 Housing Strategy: Better Homes, Better Places.

The HAP strategy provides a 3 year medium term delivery plan to respond to the housing challenges older people face, such as:

• changing demographics (an ever increasing older population)
• modern aspirations of a new generation of older people
• a legacy of low investment in the past

The HAP delivery plan also incorporates long term trends up to the year 2025.

Doncaster is working to become dementia friendly

With partners we are promoting dementia friendly communities which help people with dementia to live in their own homes, among friends and neighbours to do the things they enjoy for longer.

Details of dementia services in Doncaster and the dementia directory can be found on the dementia page.

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