Energy Team objectives

Our Energy Team has a number of aims and objectives that it strives to meet in every aspect of its work.

Objectives for housing and communities

We aim to:

  • improve the energy performance of privately-owned and council-owned housing.
  • maximise opportunities to attract external funding investment.
  • develop central government schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation, enabling our residents to access free energy efficiency improvements wherever possible.
    • Doncaster Council has its own local criteria to enable Doncaster residents to qualify for the Energy Company Obligation. This is known as Flexible Eligibility
    • The Councils Statement Of Intent which sets out the criteria can be found on this page.
  • deliver the proactive Neighbourhood Energy Action project, providing multiple council and public sector services through a single home visit, helping residents switch to Great North Energy 
  • work with Doncaster Public Health to target those most in need and at risk due to living in a cold home.
  • work with external partners to meet common objectives, including job creation, developing local supply chains and supporting vulnerable households.

Objectives for schools and Council operations

We aim to:

  • reduce energy, water and fuel consumption throughout our buildings and schools
  • move towards 'greener' transport such as ultra low emission vehicles, working with the Councils Transport Services
  • change the behaviour of energy use by council employees
  • develop working systems that are value for money
  • deliver a comprehensive energy management system including;
    • large scale energy procurement
    • managed billing and invoicing
    • display energy certificates
    • energy efficiency audits
    • digital energy software which enables and encourages efficient ways of working
    • energy budgeting advice
  • develop opportunities for integrating renewable energy technologies, providing longer term sustainability
  • deliver energy and environmental education to pupils in Doncaster schools
  • meet government targets for reducing carbon emissions


Last updated: 18 February 2020 06:45:09