Support for family carers (unpaid carers) during Covid-19

A list of the Support Available for family carers (unpaid carers) throughout Covid-19

Family Carers Vaccination Information

Unpaid Carers Have been invited for their Covid-19 vaccination as part of priority group 6. Invites for the vaccination will be sent out via GP practices to carers that are known to GP's. Carers will be known to their GPs if they have been identified as an unpaid carer. 

You can find more information on the identification of Family Carers via the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure

If you are identified as an unpaid carer, you will be contacted by your GP and invited to have a vaccination. If you are already registered, don’t be worried if you haven’t been invited yet, you will be contacted.

If you are an unpaid family carer, you can alternatively book a vaccine via the National Booking System or by calling 119 and completing a short application. Please be aware that by booking via the National Booking System, your appointment may not be local.

What should I do to check if I am registered or if I am not registered as an Unpaid Carer?

If you have not already done so you should immediately contact your GP surgery and inform them that you are an unpaid carer and wish to register as an unpaid carer. Unless you do that your GP may not know you provide unpaid care and you may miss out on the chance of receiving the vaccine earlier.

You should specifically mention that your age (16 to 64) and your caring role puts you in Category 6 of the COVID-19 vaccination schedule.

If your GP Practice says that you are not eligible to move to category 6 of the vaccine schedul, you should inform them that:

  • You are, under UK law (The Care Act 2015), an unpaid carer.
  • In addition, Government guidance sets out clearly in the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination that Category 6 of the vaccine schedule; includes those who are in receipt of a carer’s allowance, or those who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill.
  • Insist that you are legally eligible to be included in Tier 6 of the schedule for COVID-19 vaccination

Support for Family Carers

There is a range of support available for family carers (unpaid carers) during these times.- from Financial Support to Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Financial Support

There may be times when you feel worried about how your caring responsibilities are impacting your finances. There is a range of financial support that you may qualify for depending on your circumstances. This includes support with council tax, help with rental costs or daily living expenses.  

Local Assistance Scheme- Our Local Assistance Scheme is designed to help the most vulnerable residents in meeting an immediate short-term need or maintaining their independence in the community. Help can be given with daily living expenses and/or furniture items and white goods.

Local Council Tax ReductionLocal Council Tax Reduction helps people on a low income pay their Council Tax.

Discretionary Housing PaymentsDiscretionary housing payments provide extra help if you are already getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (including housing costs for rent) but you still need further help with your rental costs.

Family Carer Support Organisations

Doncaster Carers Reach Out Service - delivered by ‘Making Space’ who support adult carers of adults Making Space can support people in a caring role, helping to enable carers to be connected in their community and give balance to aid people in their caring roles. - call 01302 986900 email- Making space have recently launched their 'Carer Cards' which can be useful to identify unpaid carers who are supporting a loved one and carrying out essential tasks/duties, get in touch with them to find out more.

Doncaster Parent Voice - is a group of parents and carers of disabled children who work with local authority, education, health and other providers to make sure the services they plan and deliver meet the needs of disabled children and families. Accessible to parents or carers of a child/ren with any type of additional need or disability are welcome to join. Joining does not mean you have to commit lots of time, you can join and receive information only, and then decide if you want to get more involved at your own pace- call 01302 637566

Doncaster Partnership for Carers- aim to empower and encourage carers in all aspects of their caring role, and to maintain their effectiveness in that role by offering emotional and practical support and free counselling call 01302 637566

DonMentia- has two grant schemes available for people living with dementia and their carers. Please remember that we have limited funds and these funds have come from donations and fundraising. We have ear-marked short breaks, mobility aids and sentry products as crucial to ‘quality of life’ and it is for these that we may be able to offer financial support. The forms are now available online (please do not phone). If you require any assistance in completing the forms then please send a sms message to 07876 401658 or email

Rethink Doncaster Carers Service- support service for carers providing practical and emotional support 01302 329491

Support 4 Change- is a group for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking or substance use Tel 01302 730956

Doncaster Mind- supporting people who are experiencing mental health difficulties by promoting awareness and aiding personal wellbeing and recovery Telephone 01302 812190

Young Carers Service- We can provide 1:1 support , information, advice and advice on things like how to get help for the person you care for or help with finding out about higher or further education. Group work, and activities including social groups Advocacy - we can support you in making your voice heard. 01302 736099 or email

Working Carers-  Doncaster Council is proud to be working with Employers for Carers to help support working carers and businesses in Doncaster keep hold of the carers in their workforces. Through the Council’s partnership with Employers for Carers, local businesses are now able to access practical resources, advice and information online to help support carers in their workplaces. As part of the Council’s partnership with Employers for Carers, Doncaster carers are also able to access an online platform which has information and support on health and wellbeing, carers rights and working and caring, and access to Jointly (Carers UK’s care co-ordination app). This site can be accessed here: using our unique access code: DGTL1849.

Digital Inclusion for carers- help for people to get online reducing social isolation supporting in practical solutions to those in a caring role, making appointments, doing online shopping and following interests and pursuits. Call 01302 735387 

Doncaster Carers Charter

Informal carers are vital to those they care for, and we recognise the need to ensure that carers know they are carers and can find the right support and guidance when they really need it. Key partners in Health and Social Care in Doncaster have signed our 'Carers' Charter' which is our commitment to supporting carers in our town. 

Carers Charter
Download (10.4MB - PDF)
Carers Commitment
Download (12.5MB - PDF)


PPE for Unpaid Carers

Free PPE is now available to unpaid carers who need it, so they can continue to keep themselves and those they care for safe from COVID-19 if they have to move between households. Doncaster Council are supporting access for all carers in Doncaster to the necessary free PPE. 

 To make the free PPE accessible to as many people as possible we are pairing up with our partner Making Space, Doncaster Carers Out Reach Service whom already offer support to the carers across Doncaster.

 The criteria (as set out by the Government) is that you must be providing unpaid personal care to a friend, family member and move between households to provide the care.

To access this free PPE you should contact Making Space, Doncaster Carers Reach Out Service who will be able to take you through the initial process. Contact requests and collecting PPE will be on a Monday and Thursday between 10am – 3.30pm.  Initial contact can be made by calling 07713 089 678 or email:  PPE can be collected from Unit 4 Stone Cross House, Doncaster Road, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, DN3 1QS


Covid-19 Transportation Information

If you are struggling to get to your covid-19 vaccination due to lack of finances or problems with mobility then there is help available. The North Doncaster Development Trust is providing free and safe transport to residents of North Doncaster to get to and from their vaccination appointments.

To refer yourself or somebody that you know to the service please: email or call 01302874587.


Guidance for Care Home Visits

All care homes should seek to enable:

  • Indoor visiting by ‘named visitors’ for each residents (there is now no legal limit to how many named visitors a person can have). Visitors will need to comply with the arrangements from care homes regarding PPE and testing.
  • Every care home resident to choose to nominate an essential care giver who may visit the home to attend to essential care needs. The essential care giver should be enabled to visit in all circumstances, including if the care home is in outbreak

For more guidance on care homes, please visit the webpage .


Find more information for carers on Your Life Doncaster.


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