Fake cigarettes are often made by very poor workers in bad conditions who have sometimes been illegally trafficked and are forced to make these products.

Fake cigarettes are being sold for as little as £3.50 a pack to attract young people and adults with low incomes.

Dealers and shopkeepers then sell them to smokers looking for cheap cigarettes. As the trade is illegal and unregulated, these cigarettes are sold to whoever will buy them, including teenagers.

Illegal tobacco

  • makes it easy for children to get hold of cigarettes and become addicted to smoking
  • is illegal and needs no ID, meaning children are getting hooked on it
  • brings crime into local communities
  • encourages people to smoke more as it makes smoking more affordable

How to report

We urge people to come forward if they have any suspicions that fake cigarettes are being sold in their area.

Anyone who knows someone selling illegal cigarettes, or where they are being sold, you can report online at:

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Last updated: 21 June 2023 10:07:06

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