Help for people expecting to have an operation

Discuss in your own home any anxieties you may have about your treatment and discharge plans

  • are you expecting to go into hospital for surgical treatment?
  • are you aged 18 or over?
  • are you concerned about how you will cope?
  • are you the carer for someone else?
  • are you a Doncaster resident?
  • do you have limited family or friends around you that are able to help?     

Who to contact?

If you meet the above criteria and are due to go into hospital for an operation, contact: 

  • Chris Richardson, Pre-admissions Assessment Officer
  • Doncaster Royal Infirmary 
  • 01302 366666 ext 4838

This will give you the chance to discuss in your own home any anxieties you may have about your treatment and discharge plans. This will give us the opportunity to identify potential need at an early stage which gives us time to plan more effectively, your care and rehabilitation at home.

Alternatively you can discuss any concerns that you have at the pre-op assessment appointment with the assessment nurse at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Details of the appointment will be sent out to you up to two weeks before your planned operation. 

You could also contact the hospital's Pre-op Assessment Team direct on:

  • 01302 381394.

What services could I be eligible for?

Depending on your assessed needs, a range of services could include:

  • help with personal care       
  • identification and provision of equipment
  • basic benefits advice        
  • information and advice about meal provision shopping and laundry  
  • information advise and support and signpost to other agencies if necessary

Is there are charge for this service?

As with most social service provisions there may be a charge, but an assessment is free. 

However, if this assessment results with you being offered, and you taking up the offer of home care, for example, a financial assessment will be required to assess what contribution you will be required to make towards the care costs. 

Last updated: 21 December 2016 16:26:34