COVID-19 local data on cases and deaths

Information on the cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and number of deaths for Doncaster. This data will be updated on a regular basis.

Weekly Cases

  • The graph below shows the weekly totals of confirmed COVID 19 cases among Doncaster residents.
  • The first laboratory confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Doncaster were on the 10th March 2020.
  • As at the 31st July there have been 2,028 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the borough.
  • In the week between the 18th and the 24th July there was a total of 9 confirmed cases, compared to 25 in the previous week.
  • The numbers of confirmed cases has been falling since the end of May. Cases increased slightly at the end of June due to an outbreak and increased testing in a nursing home. A management plan was in place for this setting, there have been no more cases and the incident has now been closed.
  • There have been 2 cases in the week ending 31st July this should be regarded with caution, and the number of cases may go up as new data becomes available next week.

Graph showing number of confirmed cases in Doncaster up to 31 July

Week number Week ending Confirmed cases
11 13th Mar 2
12 20th Mar  13 
13 27th Mar  44 
14  3rd Apr  112 
15  10th Apr  61 
16  17th Apr  112 
17  24th Apr  215 
18 1st May 254 
19 8th May 191 
20  15th May  205 
21  22nd May  173 
22  29th May  180 
23  5th June  150 
24  12th June  90 
25  19th June  54 
26  26th June  75 
27  3rd Jul  39 
28  10th Jul  22 
29  17th Jul  25 
30  24th Jul 
31  31st Jul 
Total    2026 


  • The graph below shows weekly deaths in Doncaster and whether or not they are attributable to COVID 19.
  • We have also included a line of “expected deaths.” This shows the average number of deaths you would expect to see in Doncaster at this time of year.
  • The first death from COVID 19 was reported in Doncaster at the end of March. The data available in the public domain shows 262 people have died with the virus up until the week ending 10th July.
  • The numbers of people dying with COVID 19 peaked at the end of April and has been falling since.
  • Between the end of March and the end of May, the numbers of deaths in Doncaster were higher than were expected.
  • In the week ending the 17th July 2 people died with COVID 19. The average number of weekly deaths in June was 12. This is the lowest number of deaths since the beginning of April.

  Graph showing number of deaths in Doncaster up to 31 July

Week number Week ending COVID-19 deaths
11 13th Mar 0
12 20th Mar  0
13 27th Mar 
14  3rd Apr 
15  10th Apr  28 
16  17th Apr  28 
17  24th Apr  25 
18 1st May 30 
19 8th May 25 
20  15th May  25 
21  22nd May  22 
22  29th May  11
23  5th June  16 
24  12th June  12 
25  19th June 
26  26th June  11 
27  3rd Jul 
28  10th Jul 
29  17th Jul 
Total    262
Last updated: 31 July 2020 15:09:55