Changes to adult social care charges

Adult social care charges consultation update: At the end of last year we ran a consultation about proposed changes to the way we charge for some adult social care services. The consultation took place because charges have remained unchanged for many years and now need to be fairer and more consistent whilst not asking people to pay more than the government states they are able to afford

All views, comments and survey responses were collected into a report with recommendations that the council’s cabinet considered and approved on Tuesday 25 February. The full report including recommendations can be viewed via the cabinet meeting agenda page 

Cabinet Meeting Agenda page 

Although the decision made was to implement the changes from April 2020 due to the Council’s response to Covid-19 some of the implementation has been suspended.

Please see below for an update on each of the agreed proposals:

  1. Home Alarm Service – implementation for new service users form 01st July 2020 and existing service from 01st October 2020.  The date for existing service users is later due, to the amount of administration work required for the large number of new contracts to be issued and processed.
  2. Care at home – was implemented for new service users only from 01stApril 2020, in line with the Cabinet decision.
  3. Day Opportunities – as the service has been suspended during the pandemic then no increase in charges will be experienced until it resumes. 
  4. SAPAT – was implemented for all service users from 01st April 2020, in line with the Cabinet decision.
  5. Arrangements for people who pay their own care in full – implementation for new service users only from 01stAugust 2020, with existing service users from 01st October 2020, with the charge being retrospectively applied.
  6. Maximum weekly charge for non-residential services – was implemented for new service users only from 01stApril 2020, in line with the cabinet decision.
  7. Enhanced daily living component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – implementation from 01st October 2020 when Financial Assessments will include the full enhanced rate of PIP.
  8. Financial assessments for Residential Respite and Short Stay Care – implementation from 01st October 2020 when the Council will carry out financial assessments under residential rules.
  9. The Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) – implementation from 01st October 2020, when Financial Assessments will start to use the government set MIG rates.

All individuals who are affected by any of the above changes will be contacted direct and advised on how this will impact for them personally and what the next actions will be.


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