‘Ask Alexa’ about bin collections

Residents can ‘ask Alexa’ when their bins are due to be collected by enabling the ‘skill’ on Amazon Alexa.

Using an Amazon Echo device

  1. Say to Alexa: "Alexa, open Doncaster Council"
  2. Listen to the information about permissions
  3. Go ahead and ask Alexa one of the question listed in the questions below.
Please note you do not need an Amazon smart speaker (Echo) device to "ask Alexa" you can just use the Alexa App and enable our skill.

Using the Amazon Alexa App

  1. Open the Alexa App (if you have not already downloaded the app onto your phone/mobile device, it can be found in App Store or Playstore)
  2. Sign in to the App or create an Amazon account if you have not already got one
  3. Go to the menu, and select Skills & Games
  4. Search for the Doncaster Council Skill and then open the detail page
  5. Select the enable skill option,
  6. The skill will then be available to use and you can ask it one of the questions below.
Ensure you enable the address and name permission and keep that information updated (per device which includes the app) to shorten the process next time.

Asking Alexa questions

Alexa is able to handle multiple ways of people asking the question. Always start the question with 'Alexa, ask Doncaster Council .....'

  • What day is bin day
  • When is my bin collection
  • Is my black bin being picked up
  • Along with many more ways, try some…..
Last updated: 28 June 2022 13:02:20

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