Street parties

It is important that a location is confirmed as soon as possible – this is the basis of any street party

If you would like your party to be held on a street which forms part of the public highway or on a park or open space that is owned by the Council then it is important that you contact Doncaster Council as soon as possible on 01302 736000

In order for a street party to be successful it is important that all neighbours are involved and invited. Contact your neighbours as early as possible and look to gain their support – this will avoid any potential disagreements when the party takes place.

As soon as the council's Highway Network Management Team have been notified of the proposed times / dates of any closure they will then write to those residents / businesses directly affected, to ensure all are made aware of the forthcoming event. We would also be informing South Yorkshire Police of each Street Party.

Road closures

If you wish to apply for a road closure then it is essential that this takes place as soon as possible. This can be arranged by contacting the Highway Network Management team on 01302 735128 or download the document link below to complete the road closure application:

Road closure application form

Where road closures will only affect small streets and cul-de-sacs, there will be no charge for the road closure. It may not be possible to close larger roads.

As street parties are Community events and consequently there will be no charge for progressing the legal closure process, please however note the organiser will be responsible for the costs incurred for erecting advance signing (seven days prior to the event), as well as on the day to include any diversion route where appropriate.  The Network Management Team can provide details of Traffic Management Companies who could be contacted to supply this service.


In order to protect the event organisers, it is recommended that 3rd party liability insurance cover is purchased especially for large public events. Further advice can be found on both the Streets Alive website ( and the Big Lunch website (


Holding a street party or fete, where there is no intention of profit being made, does not require a licence.

If there is an intention to sell alcohol at any time or sell hot food and drinks after 11pm then a Temporary Events Notice will be required. A Temporary Events Notice will cost £21. The application form for the notice can be found on the following licensing page

Raffles and tombola’s can be held as part of any street party or fete. They mustn’t be held for the purpose of making a profit but can be used to help fund the party itself.

For further information on any aspect of licensing please contact the Licensing Team on 01302 737590.

Food hygiene

If it is intended that food will be sold at a street party then it is important that the food is prepared in a safe and hygienic manner. A person that wishes to supply or sell food may need to register as a food business. For further information please contact the Food Safety Team on 01302 737565.

For general guidance on catering for parties and events please visit the Food Standards Agency website at

Noise nuisance

Whilst it is important that everybody enjoys the party, there should also be respect for neighbouring properties and streets. The main cause of complaint often relates to noise levels, particularly later at night.

It is advisable to speak to neighbouring properties and let them know that you are having a street party. The easiest way to involve them in the party is to invite them as well.

The Council recommends that noise levels are maintained at agreeable levels throughout the day. It is especially important that noise levels are reduced after 10pm at night.

For further information relating to noise levels please contact the Council’s Noise Team:

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