Species action plans

Doncaster Biodiversity Action Partnership has produced an audit of those species considered to be of conservation importance in the Borough.

The Species Audit includes nationally threatened species such as the bittern, along with those of regional significance such as the mire pill beetle and those valued for their rarity and strong local identity such as the petty whin. Conservation actions for these species will then be identified and addressed through the Biodiversity Action Planning process.

Species Audit
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Priority species action plans and factsheets

Species action plans and priority species factsheets have been produced by UK Biodiversity Action Plan partners for the following Doncaster species audit. The documents can be viewed by following the link below.

Butterfly Conservation has produced the following priority species factsheets:

  • High brown fritillary - Argynnis adippe
  • Pearl-bordered fritillary - Boloria euphrosyne
  • Small pearl-bordered fritillary - Boloria selene
  • Large heath - Coenonympha tullia
  • Dingy skipper - Erynnis tages
  • Silver-studded blue - Plebejus argus
  • Grizzled skipper - Pyrgus malvae
  • White letter hairstreak - Satyrium w-album / Strymonidia w-album
  • Bordered gothic - Heliophobus reticulate
  • Waved carpet - Hydrelia sylvata
  • Lunar yellow underwing - Noctua orbona
  • Scarce vapourer - Orgyia recens
  • Argent and sable - Rheumaptera hastate
  • Chalk Carpet - Scotopteryx bipunctaria (cretata)

Botanical atlas

As a follow up to the species audit, a botanical atlas has also been produced, this shows the distribution of locally important species:

Botanical Atlas - Part 1 (Introduction)
Download (307KB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 2 (A-C)
Download (4.05MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 3 (D-J)
Download (3.23MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 4 (L-P)
Download (3.36MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 5 (R-V)
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