Home safety

The Council provides home safety advice and education to demonstrate the risks of particular types of accidents and injuries and how to prevent them.

Accidents are a major cause of injury, disability and death, particularly among young children and older people. In England, accidents are responsible for 10,000 deaths a year. Older people are at particular risk of death and disability from falls on stairs or steps. Over 3,000 people over the age of 65 years are killed annually in falls. Accidents have a significant impact on society both emotionally and financially.

The following factors have been proven to have an affect on accident rates:

  • gender - statistically males have more accidents than females
  • environmental hazards - such as poorly maintained housing
  • social deprivation - such as homelessness and poor health
  • physical and mental health - depression and stress can increase the risk of accidents
  • alcohol and drugs - is a factor in 20% - 30% of all accidents
  • seasonal variations
  • human behaviour - an individual's attitude toward risk and safety is a major contributor of accident rates

For more information on accident prevention please use the web links on this page.


  • avoid leaving items on the stairs - they can become a tripping hazard
  • ensure stairs are carefully maintained - damaged or worn carpet should be repaired or removed
  • try to avoid repetitive carpet patterns that may produce a false perception for those with poor eyesight
  • landings, stairs and hallways should be well lit with two-way light switches
  • make sure banisters are sturdy. The fitting of two easy-grip handrails gives more stability

Fire related accidents

  • take care with smokers' materials and try to avoid smoking in bed
  • fit a fireguard
  • use electric blankets correctly and have them checked regularly
  • fit a smoke alarm preferably main-operated or one with a ten-year battery
  • do not dry clothes on fireguards or heaters


  • have fuel burning devices checked regularly by an expert
  • have chimneys and flues swept at least once a year
  • be aware of the dangers of exceeding prescribed drug doses

Burns and scalds

  • try not to carry hot liquids further than necessary (re-arrange tea/coffee-making area to accommodate this)
  • fit a thermostatic mixing valve
  • when running a bath, turn the cold water on first
  • always use rear hot plates and turn the pan handles away from the front of the cooker
  • ensure that hot water bottles are of good quality and do not show signs of wear

Accident and injury prevention

To discuss individual requirements please contact us.
Information relating to accident/injury prevention can be obtained by using the links on this page.

Get Lifewise safety event

The team works in partnership with the South Yorkshire Police, the South Yorkshire Fire Service and local community groups who work with elderly and vulnerable people, to provide an event called 'Get Lifewise'.
The aim is to provide the target audience (up to 70 people per day) with information and practical advice about living safely in their own homes. Places have to be booked in advance via local groups for the over 50's e.g. Age Concern. Free transport is provided for the participants from Doncaster to the event.

The event starts with a welcome and introduction from a senior police officer. The participants then attend a series of scenarios that include home safety, fire safety, road safety and dealing with antisocial behaviour.
After lunch there is time to observe a play demonstrating how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of doorstep crime and also an opportunity to browse amongst stall promoting appropriate beneficial information and advice. The event concludes with a quiz and free prize draw.

Keeping the under-fives safe

Should you require any information about Home, or Water Safety for under fives the Safety and Food Education Team (SaFE) is there to help.

We can deliver bespoke educational sessions for your setting i.e. childminders, children's centres, nurseries and schools.
For an informal chat please contact us. 

For further information, please contact us:

Age UK

Child Safety

M25 Housing Group


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