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The Doncaster Biodiversity Action Plan describes the importance of the diversity of animals, plants, fungi and microbes which share our environment.

The Doncaster Biodiversity Action Partnership aims to conserve and enhance the plants, animals and wildlife habitats of Doncaster. To do this we need your help to develop the habitat and species action plans, and more importantly to put the plans into action. Our aims are ambitious, but with the co-operation and enthusiasm of the people and organisations of Doncaster, these aims are achievable.

Learning about the world around us can be fun and it is important for us all to get involved.  Here are some of the things you could do to help:

  • manage your garden for wildlife – put up a bird box or build a pond 
  • join a local conservation group 
  • volunteer to help a wildlife organisation with their work 
  • raise funds to support the conservation of local wildlife  
  • participate in species surveys and monitoring schemes 
  • encourage your workplace to help biodiversity by recycling waste paper 
  • join or volunteer with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust or similar groups, and undertake practical conservation activities 
  • join the Doncaster Naturalists' Society and share your interest in Natural History

You can make a difference!


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