Air pollution - a guide for motorists

Why should you care?

Traffic is one of the main causes of air pollution - it is estimated that up to 40,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year as a result of poor air quality. It is estimated that this means 160 people within the borough of Doncaster

High levels of pollutants can affect people with breathing difficulties as their airways can become more irritated and narrowed.

Why buy a fuel efficient car?

We do understand that for most people the use of private vehicles is an essential part of everyday life and, although we would ask that you consider alternative methods of transport, we appreciate these are not always available or convenient.

The fuel economy of similar sized cars using the same fuel can vary significantly, so by choosing the most fuel-efficient car you can save money and benefit the environment at the same time. Better still, by selecting the most efficient petrol vehicle you will be emitting less nitrogen dioxide; which is the main pollutant of concern in the UK.

Tips to reduce air pollution from your car:

  • ensure your car is running efficiently by servicing it on a regular basis - this will not only reduce harmful exhaust emissions but also reduce your running costs
  • ensure that your vehicle tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as this can make a huge difference when it comes to managing fuel consumption
  • don't idle the engine unnecessarily whilst stationary, particularly around schools and hospitals.
  • whenever you drive ensure that you drive smoothly, use the highest gear possible, do not over rev, decelerate smoothly by taking the foot of the accelerator (i.e. don't just use the brakes). Eco driving can save fuel too! Businesses can train their staff on ECO driving free of charge. 
  • use your air conditioning and other on-board electrical devices (for example, mobile phone chargers) sparingly
  • by driving carefully and sticking to speed limits you can minimise your fuel consumption and reduce the need for sharp braking
  • when not in use, remove your roof rack and make your car more aerodynamic and use less fuel
  • in the summer fill up with fuel at cooler times of the day to reduce polluting vapours escaping into the air (you'll get slightly more fuel too)
  • try and make a single journey instead of lots of short ones, this will reduce the amount of fuel wasted each time you start up your car
  • ask your employer if they have a green transport plan
  • consider car sharing with a friend or colleague

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