UCI 2019 Event Day

On Friday 27th September, the UCI Road World Championships 2019 came to Doncaster. At the start location of the Dome Cycle Track and along the route, there was a great atmosphere to welcome athletes from across the Globe

Doncaster Council would like to say a big thank you to all the Communities / Schools / Businesses and Volunteers who delivered events, decorated along the route, promoted the event and much more which ensured Doncaster once again stood out as getting in the spirit for this massive international Sporting event.

Feedback form those involved in the planning including Yorkshire 2019, UCI, British Cycling, Sport England and Welcome to Yorkshire was extremely positive, highlighting our approach to engaging communities and schools as best practice and in particular our approach to rider sign on at the start, now setting the bench mark for all other cycling events.

Despite the weather we are sure those riders who set out from Doncaster will have fond memories of their ride across the Borough that will hopefully live with them for a long time.

Please visit the following Links to see more information on just some of the activities and highlights from the day:-

Are you inspired to get into cycling?

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