Preparing the town centre for when lockdown eases

Doncaster town centre is now open and we ask that you keep to the latest social distancing guidance.

The Government continues to announce the easing of lockdown restrictions which we are supporting by introducing any necessary changes in Doncaster town centre and our other towns. 

The changes are to help people stay safe.

Lots of signage has gone up to highlight important safety messages like social distancing and we are asking people to use the left hand side of the busy streets and the main parts of the town centre to help people move around safely.

We have made the core part of the town centre pedestrian friendly with traffic restrictions in place from 10.30am to 4pm every day and we also have town centre ambassadors out and about to help and advise people.

We continue to monitor the pedestrian zone and make adaptations where appropriate. The latest pedestrian zone is at the bottom of this page which shows how we have listened to feedback from businesses by reopening a number of streets. This latest change is from Saturday 18 July.

It is very important that people continue to follow the latest guidance on social distancing and other public safety measures. The latest information can be found at social distancing and public safety advice

We are supporting our business community with the guidance and keeping residents informed through our social media channels.

Please read the FAQs for more information and scroll down to see the new pedestrian zone.

COVID 19 Stay 2m apart Street Sign COVID 19 Keep Your Distance Street Sign

Frequently asked questions

Is the town centre open?

Town centre shops and businesses are starting to reopen as the lockdown restrictions ease. When visiting, it's important that people follow the latest guidance on social distancing and public safety and observe the changes we have made to help keep themselves and others safe.

What are you doing to keep people safe?

The council is advising people to follow safe distancing measures with signage prominently displayed. We are also asking people to be aware of all the latest public safety messages.

Other arrangements have been introduced including asking people to keep left as part of dedicated pedestrian routes. We have also pedestrianised the busy parts of the town centre between 10.30 and 4pm.

Businesses will be implementing their own arrangements for protecting their staff and customers.

How will the ‘keep left’ pedestrian routes work?

Signage has gone up asking people to stay to the left hand side of streets and pedestrian areas and follow social distancing guidelines.

The routes will be similar to what supermarkets have introduced to help people move around keeping a safe distance from other people. 

How do you plan to pedestrianise the town centre and when will this happen?

Core parts of the town centre have been made pedestrian friendly between 10.30am and 4pm, seven days a week. Delivery vehicles will have access outside these times and emergency vehicles will have access at all times.

The core purpose of the pedestrian zone is to allow social distancing as businesses re-start and hospitality comes back on line.

It's really important that motorists are aware of the traffic restrictions so they can plan their journeys into town.

We have listened to feedback from businesses and other town centre users and from Saturday 18 July a number of streets will reopen. The streets to reopen are Scot Lane, Printing Office Street, Priory Place and part of the High Street.

The latest pedestrian zone is below (you can click on the image for a larger version to zoom into). Please remember to observe social distancing rules and other guidance.

Map showing traffic restrictions and the town centre pedestrian zone

These changes are now in place.

Do you plan to monitor the town centre to ensure people are observing guidance?

Town Centre ambassadors will be out and about to help and advise people, while police officers will look to ensure people are observing the safe distancing rules. We all have a part to play in helping to keep people safe.

Are the car parks open?

Doncaster Council owned car parks are open, but access may be required via a different route, please see the map of the road closures for information.

The council has increased cleansing at its car parks, but users are encouraged to make card payments if they can and observe social distancing when parking up and paying.

The locations of car parks can be found at: Car parking in Doncaster

What about blue badge holders?

The changes to the pedestrian zone on Saturday 18 July means there are a number of additional streets for blue badge holders to park up. To make it easier for disabled residents to access the town centre, they can also park for free in any parking space in all of the council’s car parks when displaying their blue badge.

We have also amended Duke Street to provide further disabled parking.

Blue badge holders can already park in on street pay and display bays when displaying their blue badge.

The latest parking related information and locations of car parks can be found at: Car parking in Doncaster

What is the latest on public transport?

The government has eased restrictions on the use of public transport. Buses and trains are available but you need to check their timetables, routes and important safety advice.

More information on public transport can be found at:

What about taxis?

Taxis can access the town centre but have to observe the changes and the traffic restrictions.

Will emergency vehicles be able to get into the town centre?

Emergency vehicles will have access into all parts of the town centre at all times.

Can you cycle into the town centre?

You can cycle to the town centre and park your bikes at dedicated cycle parks/bays but you cannot cycle through the town centre as that is a risk to pedestrians. You will need to walk with your bike in these areas.

The map below shows where you can park your bike:

Cycle parking locations map
Download (847KB - DOCX)

What are you doing to encourage active travel?

As part of a bid to encourage active travel, we are currently looking at opportunities for pop up cycle lanes that could be deployed quickly but safely. This would be complementary to the three cycle lanes that have recently been completed during the lockdown at Thorne Moorends, Auckley and Bennetthorpe. The future will see a significant expansion of active travel infrastructure through the £35m successful Transforming Cites Fund Programme, which is heavily populated with active travel schemes across the borough over the next three years. 

Are you keeping the town centre clean and tidy?

The council’s Street Scene team will be carrying out regular town centre cleanses.

Are toilets open?

The outer market toilets are now open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 3pm.

Will businesses be complying with the latest Government guidance?

The council’s Business Doncaster team is working closely with businesses and town centre partners to ensure they are fully aware of the latest government guidance and any changes that the council are looking to introduce.

The council’s enforcement and trading standards teams are also working closely with businesses during the COVID-19 emergency by providing them with help, guidance and support and ensuring they are complying with latest Government rules.

Will businesses be able to accept deliveries once traffic restrictions are in place?

Businesses will need to organise their deliveries before 10.30am and after 4pm if they are within the pedestrian zone. Business Doncaster will be supporting businesses with the changes. We have listened to feedback from businesses and that is why we decided to make changes to the pedestrian zone from Saturday 18 July. This will help with trade and deliveries.

Where can I find out more business related information?

Our Business Doncaster team has lots of important and useful information on its website:

What about the markets?

Doncaster and Mexborough Markets have continued to be open throughout the lockdown period, providing essential food supplies of fresh meats, fish and vegetables, cooked meats, cheeses, deli and bakery products which have been well received by visitors to the Market both old and new. Measures have been in place to monitor and control entry into the building, with shoppers being greeted upon arrival, directed to hand sanitising facilities and instructions of the exit location to assist with social distancing requirements.

In line with the latest government guidance, Market Asset Management (MAM) reopened the Tuesday, Friday and Saturday outdoor market on the Market Place on Friday 5th June, with social distancing measures in place including the spacing out of traders, introduction of one-way systems and ground markings.

Other retail re-opened from 16th June on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8am and 2pm across the estate. This included the Corn Exchange, Goose Hill Market and the Wool Market, as well as a retail traders at Mexborough Market, with new measures in place to ensure social distancing and hand-sanitising can be adhered to.

These included one-way systems, designated points of entry and exit, floor markings and hand-sanitising stations. We encourage people to come back to the market and support local traders in a safe way, and market staff and the wider community of traders will be on hand to provide guidance and support.

Although food units are not yet able to open in the Wool Market, many traders have been offering a takeaway service, available from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Orders can be taken through Just Eat, or by calling traders directly and coming to pick up your food which will be brought to you at a collection point at the door.  The government has announced that hospitality businesses will be able to reopen from 4 July.

For more information and latest updates, please follow the markets on Facebook:

Doncaster Markets

Doncaster Wool Market

Mexborough Market

What is happening in Bawtry, Conisbrough, Mexborough, Tickhill and Thorne?

Signage has gone up in the main streets asking people to observe social distancing guidance.

  Bawtry Main Street COVID 19 social distance sign Bawtry Main Street COVID 19 social distance signs

I want to go into Doncaster town centre for a meal or drink once lockdown eases, is there anything I need to know?

It’s really important that you enjoy Doncaster town centre safely.

If you are thinking of coming into town for something to eat or drink please consider the following:

  • How will you get there and back?
  • If you plan to use a taxi, you may need to book one and find out about the safety arrangements they have in place, particularly if you are looking to share one.
  • You may want to consider booking a taxi for both legs of the journey (in and out of town) to ensure you don’t have a lengthy wait at the end of your night.
  • If you are using public transport please check timetables and safety requirements in advance.
  • If you plan to drive, look at the pedestrian zone map so you know where to park up.
  • You may need to pre-book to get into some of the bars and restaurants and some popular ones might be fully booked already (you may want to check before you turn up).
  • Remember to take a face covering with you as you may need it.
  • Take your bank card for contactless payments (some places may not accept cash)
  • Download any venue apps you may need for ordering food and drinks before you go in case they don’t have wifi.
  • Social distancing is still in place.

If you think about these things in advance you will have a lovely time.

Map showing traffic restrictions and the town centre pedestrian zone

Frenchgate Centre floor splat message keep your distance Pavement floor splat message keep your distance Duke Street junction floor splat message keep your distance

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