Big changes on the horizon for Doncaster Markets

Doncaster Council’s vision to transform Doncaster Markets has reached a turning point after the council’s Cabinet agreed to appoint an expert commercial provider to run Doncaster and Mexborough markets.

In what will be a new era for the historic markets, this deal will bring about major changes to Doncaster Markets layout, improving the public areas, introducing new enterprise spaces for small businesses, an increased number of local food producers, more independent traders and a greater number of events and entertainment to run alongside the council’s existing events programme.

Market Asset Management Ltd, having used their expertise in a number of other locations across the country, will work in consultation with existing traders to implement this work which will enhance the overall customer experience and complement the almost complete newly refurbished Wool Market. These improvements, along with expert retail management will position the markets as a vibrant destination for shopping, eating out, entertainment and entrepreneurism, putting the markets at the enterprising heart of Doncaster.

Market Asset Management (Doncaster) Ltd. will make significant investment in the markets of £2.3m in the first five years with £6.2m invested over the proposed 25 year contract. The agreement will save the council £219k per year which includes a guaranteed annual income of £122k.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Street Scene and Traded Services, said: “The council has made significant investment in the Doncaster Markets in recent years and bringing on board an experienced markets operator at this stage will make sure the markets are able to reach their full potential. This is about transforming our historic markets and cementing them firmly at the heart of Doncaster and Mexborough town centres.

“This will bring about much needed change, making the markets a vibrant destination for shopping, eating out, entertainment and business and will complement the work being done in the wider town centre, contributing to Doncaster’s unique offer and attracting visitors from far and wide.”

The decision was made at Cabinet on 29th January 2019 and MAM (Doncaster) Ltd. will manage the Doncaster Markets from spring this year as part of this long term arrangement.

Last updated: 07 February 2019 13:07:26