Alleygate Public Space Protection Order renewal consultation

You maybe aware that across the City of Doncaster there are over 300 alleygates. Alleygates were installed to reduce crime and Anti-social behaviour in area by restricting who has access to the alleyways. The legal order allowing the closure of the alleyways is called a Public Space Protection Order or PSPO.  

The City of Doncaster Council are legally required to review the PSPO every three years before extending the order and the review process has recently commenced.

You are invited to contribute to the renewal process by completing a short survey - link below

Alternatively you can email your response directly to


The questions we required an answer to are as follows:

  • Question 1: Since the Alleygates have been installed, have you experienced any issues or concerns with the redistricted area?
    • If yes please can you tell us about the issues?
  • Question2: Do you support the renewal of the Public Space Protection Order and the continuation of the alleyways being closed in your area?
  • Question 3: Have you noticed a change to the amount of crime and ASB since the Alleygates have been in place?
    • Increase
    • About the same
    • Decrease
    • Don’t know
  • Question 4: Do you think that reopening the alleyway would result in an increase of crime and Anti-social behaviour?
  • Question 5: Do you have any further comments you wish to be considered?
  • Question 6: Please indicate your full post code

The City of Doncaster Council would be grateful if you could return your comments by 12th October 2023 , after which time the council will consider all comments received and determine whether or not to formally extend the PSPO.

Alleygate Survey

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