Council tax and business rates discounts for those affected by the floods

Households and businesses severely impacted by the floods will receive a 100% council tax/business rates discount for at least 3 months.

The discounts will be awarded for longer than 3 months for residents still unable to return home after 3 months or businesses still unable to resume trading after 3 months. In these cases, the discounts will continue until you can return home or resume trading.

Who can get a council tax discount?

The council tax discount applies to households where flood water entered into areas of the home that were lived in, or where you could not live in the home for any period of time because of the floods. This might be where access to your home was severally restricted, for example, if you live in an upper floor flat but the ground floor area was flooded, or key services such as sewerage, draining and electricity were severally affected. Flooded gardens or garages will not usually count for the discount.

If you have had to move out of your home into temporary accommodation because your home was flooded, you will also get 100% council tax discount on the temporary accommodation.

For a full list of questions, and to find out if you're able to claim, read our FAQ document at the bottom of this page. 

Who can get a business rates discount?

The business rates discount applies to businesses that had flood damage to the property, equipment and/or stock, or where the business could not function due to lack of access to premises, equipment and/or stock as a result of the floods and there were no alternative ways to continue trading. To be eligible for the business rates discount, business activity undertaken at the property must also have been adversely affected.

For a full list of questions, and to find out if you're able to claim for your business, read our FAQ document at the bottom of this page

Do I need to apply for the discount?

There is no need for you to apply for the discounts. The discounts will be awarded to households and businesses automatically wherever possible using information being gathered by the Council about the impact of the floods. If any further information is needed, the Council will contact you.

Revised Council Tax/Business Rates bills showing the discounts will be sent to qualifying households and businesses over the next few weeks.

Any other questions? 

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Council Tax and Business Rates Flood questions
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Last updated: 04 December 2019 11:04:34