Council Tax: Change of address

You need to let us know if you plan to move into, around or out of the Doncaster area as this may affect your Council Tax.

Moving into the area

If you are moving into Doncaster from another area or if you were not responsible for Council Tax at your previous address (for example living with your parents), please complete this form. 

Moving out of the area

If you are moving out of Doncaster, or you will no longer be responsible for Council Tax at your new address (for example moving back in with parents), please complete this form.

If you need to tell us that somebody has recently passed away, please contact us. We will need you to provide information about who has passed away and who is dealing with their estate or affairs. If you have already told the Council Tax team these details and want to tell us that a property has been sold from a deceased person's estate, simply complete the 'moving out of the area' form above.

Moving within the area

If you are currently responsible for Council Tax in Doncaster and are moving to another address in Doncaster where you will be responsible for Council Tax, please complete this form.

Someone over 18 moving in

If you are not moving, but someone is moving in with you at your address, please tell us their details by completing this form.

Are you on a low income? You might qualify for Council Tax Support.

After reporting your change of address, don't forget that if you have a low income, you may be entitled to some help with your Council Tax. Our Council Tax Support scheme can pay all or part of your Council Tax. The amount of help you get generally depends on your income and savings and the income and savings of anyone else who lives in your home. 

To find out more, visit our 'what is Local Council Tax Reduction?' webpage. If you want to make an application you can do this online using this form.

Got any questions? 

If you wish to speak to us regarding a change in address, please contact us.

Last updated: 18 December 2020 08:29:09