Unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

An unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit lasts for 10 years.

Once granted, it entitles the permit holder to provide an unlimited number of category D gaming machines available for use on the premises for which the permit relates.
An operating licence or personal licence from the Gambling Commission is not required.

If a permit is issued a copy must be kept on the premises and should be available for inspection at all times.  It is an offence not to produce it when requested to do so by the police, an enforcement officer, or an authorised local authority officer.

If the permit has been lost, stolen or damaged an application for a replacement should be made straight away by completing the necessary application form and submitting it along with the replacement fee of £10.50 to The Licensing Department, Doncaster Council Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU

Unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit
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An application for a permit renewal should be made no later than the two months before the permit is due to expire.

The renewal procedure is almost identical to the grant procedure except that the original permit needs to be returned together with the renewal forms and fees.


Occasion on which fee may be payable






Existing Operator Grant


Change of Name


Copy of Permit



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