Prize gaming permit

Prize gaming normally consists of low stakes and prizes gambling in which neither the nature nor the size of the prize is determined by the number of persons playing nor the amount paid for or raised by the gaming.

It can comprise of a variety of games, providing that the participation fees and prizes do not exceed prescribed limits. The prize can be a cash or non-cash prize.

A prize gaming permit will allow a person to provide facilities for gaming, on specified premises. Any non-gambling premises (that is, one that has not got a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005) that wishes to provide such gambling would need to apply for a prize gaming permit. 

Prize gaming permits do not permit the provision of gaming machines and only certain equipment such as mechanised cash bingo equipment for example, may be used for prize gaming and not be treated as a gaming machine. (see Section 235 of Gambling Act 2005).

Some premises are already authorised by the Act to offer prize gaming, without needing a separate prize gaming permit. These are:

  • holders of adult gaming centre premises licences
  • holders of family entertainment centre premises licences
  • holders of bingo premises licences
  • holders of family entertainment centre gambling machine permits
  • travelling fairs 

Permit application form and process

Prize Gaming Permit Application
Download (336KB)

An application for a permit can only be made by a person who occupies or plans to occupy the relevant premises and if the applicant is an individual, s/he must be aged 18 or over.

Holders of premises licences under the Act and holders of club gaming permits may not apply for prize gaming permits.

Applicants are not required to have an operating licence issued by the Gambling Commission.

Documents required:

  • the appropriate application form 
  • the appropriate fee for the application being made 
  • details of the types of gaming that it is intended to offer 
  • evidence that applicants understand the limits to stakes and prizes that are set out in the Regulations. 
  • evidence that the gaming offered is within the law  

The Act requires the Local Authority to consult South Yorkshire Police on any prize gaming permit application received.

An application for a permit will be either granted or refused; no conditions will be added. Should an application be refused, reasons will be given in writing and the applicant will be given the opportunity to make representations against the decision.

Once granted, a permit lasts for 10 years. There is no annual fee.

The permit may lapse:

  • if the holder ceases to occupy the premises 
  • if an individual permit holder dies, becomes incapable by reason of mental or physical incapacity, becomes bankrupt, or sequestration of his estate is ordered 
  • if the company holding the permit ceases to exist, or goes into liquidation

Where a permit lapses, the Act provides that the permit may be relied upon for a period of six months after it has lapsed, by the following persons:

  • the personal representative of the holder (in the case of death)
  • the trustee of the bankrupt’s estate (in the case of individual bankruptcy) 
  • the holder’s interim or permanent trustee (in the case of an individual whose estate is  sequestrated) 
  • the liquidator of the company (in the case of a company that goes into liquidation)

The permit may also cease to have effect if the holder surrenders it to the Local Authority. Notice of such surrender must be accompanied by the permit, or by an explanation of why the permit cannot be produced.

If the permit holder is convicted of a relevant offence (that is an offence listed in schedule 7 of the Act) the Court may order the forfeiture of the permit.

A copy of the permit must be kept on the premises and available for inspection at all times. It is an offence not to produce it when requested to do so by a police officer, an enforcement officer, or an authorised Local Authority officer. If a permit is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement may be applied for -subject to a fee.

An application for renewal of a permit must be made during the period beginning six months before the permit expires and ending two months before it expires. The duration of the permit will not be curtailed while a renewal application is pending, including any appeal against a decision not to renew.

Limits on participation fees and prizes for prize gaming

The participation fee for any one chance to win a prize in a game shall not exceed 50p. Where in paying for a chance to win a prize in a game a person acquires an opportunity to win more than one prize then the limit is still 50p.

There is a limit of £500 on the aggregate amount of participation fees that may be charged in a particular game. 

A money prize cannot exceed £70, except where the prize gaming is being provided in an adult gaming centre, in which case the limit is £50. The aggregate amount or value of prizes in a game cannot exceed £500.

 Application fees





Change of name


Copy of permit


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