Cumulative Impact Policy (currently under review)

A major concern for Doncaster town centre is the “binge drinking” culture and its impact on policing the night time economy and the town centre streets.

Policy under Review (see link below)

Please note that this policy is currently under review. Consultation ends at midnight on 30th April 2020, please click the link for more information:

A major concern for Doncaster town centre is the “binge drinking” culture and its impact on policing the night time economy and the town centre streets. Binge drinking has increased markedly over recent years with the advent of:


A market focusing on young people

Cut price alcohol promotions

Large vertical drinking establishments

Extended opening hours


The Doncaster Licensing Authority first adopted a Cumulative Impact Policy in January 2008 encompassing the following streets in the Doncaster Town Centre:

Silver Street

High Street

Hall Gate

Priory Walk

Bradford Row

Year on year there has been a reduction in alcohol related crime due to the implementation of local initiatives, such as Operation Alligator, involving partnership working between the Council, Police and other statutory/voluntary bodies. However, the prevalence of crime continues to be a cause for concern in some areas of the Doncaster town centre, in particular relating to large vertical drinking establishments.

In particular, the areas of the Doncaster Town Centre listed above account for 53% of all alcohol related crime and disorder in the Operation Alligator area. (Police statistics 1 April 2010 to 30 September 2010)

These areas of the town centre which continue to cause concern to local agencies and the Police have again been identified as a Cumulative Impact Area. The Police will generally oppose any further applications for large vertical drinking establishments in the identified area.

Applications made for premises licences within the adopted Cumulative Impact Area will be based on the individual merits of each application, and if the application is unlikely to significantly add to this cumulative impact, then the licence may be granted.

The difference between commercial need and the cumulative impact of premises in an area will remain separate. Need is a matter for the planning committee and for market forces, the cumulative impact of licensed premises on the promotion of the licensing objectives is a proper matter for the Licensing Authority and its committee to consider.

The consideration of an application in such a designated area will not include a mandatory closing time for the entire area.

Following the consultation procedure as set out in Section 5 of the Licensing Policy January 2011 the Licensing Authority has therefore adopted a Cumulative Impact Policy, for the following Areas in Doncaster:


Area 1

Bradford Row

Cleveland Street

Hall Gate

High Street

Market Place

Priory Walk

Silver Street


Area 2 - Part of the Town Ward


Broxholme Lane

Christ Church Road

Copley Road

Highfield Road

Nether Hall Road


Area 3 - Bawtry Town Centre


Church Street

Grasswood Lane/Dower House Square

High Street

Market Place

Scot Lane

Swan Street

Wharf Street 


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