Bring bank recycling sites

Due to the successful expansion of the kerbside recycling collections Doncaster Council has removed those recycling bring banks in council ownership.

We provide a comprehensive kerbside collection service to every domestic property in the borough, further information about the service including details of materials we collect for recycling and how to obtain a blue bin and green box for recycling can be found by visiting our Bins, recycling and waste pages.

Recycling bring bank sites do remain in some locations, for example; supermarkets, sports clubs and pub car parks.  See Recycle Now for more information about banks near you.

The Council is aware that prior to their removal some businesses/traders were using the bring banks to recycle their commercial waste.  Please be aware that waste from a business should be managed correctly in line with  environmental law, the main piece of legislation relating to waste is referred to as your 'Duty of Care'.

The Council does provide a commercial waste and recycling service for businesses in Doncaster, for more information visit our trade waste & recycling page.  Other waste management companies are available locally providing similar services.

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Last updated: 05 July 2019 10:34:20