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The Mental Capacity Act 2005 applies to all staff working in health and social care who are involved in the care, treatment or support of people over 16 years living in England and Wales, who are unable to make all or some decisions for themselves.

In view of the importance of the Act and the implications it places on everyone who works in health and social care, a number of training courses have been designed for staff involved with adults who may lack capacity around assessing.

Mental Capacity Act Basic Awareness
The aim of the course is to explain the basic provisions of the Act, explain the five core Principles, and look at who the Act effects.
The course should enable staff to support people to make their own decisions and unwise decisions, advice around assessing capacity and making decisions in a person’s best interests, consider the use of an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) and introduce the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Assessing Capacity and Best Interests Decision-Making
The aim of the course is to provide staff with further guidance about the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in relation to the Principles of the Act, in particular around the Assessment of Capacity and Best Interests Decision-Making.
The course should enable staff to understand their responsibilities when acting or making decisions on behalf of those individuals who lack the capacity to act of making these decisions for themselves, and how to record any actions taken.
Staff should only attend this course if they have attended the MCA Basic Awareness course as detailed above.

Complex Decision Making
The course will reinforce the Principles of the Act and provide advice and guidance around assessing capacity. It will give staff an understanding of the requirements of the best interest checklist and balance sheet approach to best interest decision making, resolving disputes and when matters need taking to the Court of Protection.
Staff should only attend this course if they have attended the MCA Basic Awareness and Assessing Capacity and Best Interests Decision-Making courses as detailed above.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Basic Awareness  
The aim of this course is to provide a background to the safeguards, who they apply to and roles and responsibilities. The course will also look at what is a Deprivation of Liberty, updates on case law, the process of assessment and authorisation, application of conditions, the role of the IMCA and the relevant person representative, reviews and unauthorised Deprivation of Liberty.
It will also cover the role of the Court of Protection in dealing with appeals and authorising a DOL in settings other than a care home or hospital.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for Managing Authorities
The aim of this course is to give staff working in Care Homes and Hospital Wards (Managing Authorities) an understanding of the DOLS process, including when and how to request an authorisation, completing the forms and necessary paperwork and the assessment process, roles and responsibilities.
It will also inform staff how decisions are made and action which needs to be taken after the assessment has been completed.

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These courses are free to staff working in Health and Social Care in Doncaster.

If you would like to book a place on any of these courses, please go to:
Phone:01302 736576

Confirmation of place will be made at the time of booking and pre-course information will be emailed approximately 10 working days before the training

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