Financial Support Provided to Social Care

This webpage outlines the financial support provided to social care in Doncaster

  1.      The  Council have awarded the following uplifts to social care provider fee levels for the financial year 2020/2021:
  • 4.88% Domiciliary Care contracted hourly rate fee
  • 6.06% Care Home - Residential / Residential EMI / Nursing Care weekly contracted rate fee
  • 4.81% Care Home - Nursing EMI weekly contracted rate fee
  • TBC Supported Living Services contracted hourly rate fees (decision pending – due at Cabinet meeting 30th June 2020)
  1.      Supplier Relief Scheme

The Council has set up a Supplier Relief Scheme (SRS) where providers to the council can apply for financial relief during the Covid response subject to eligibility and further assessment through the production of evidence. For example, providers may need to claim financial assistance with regards to additional costs, cash flow issues or required changes to performance indicators.  The scheme can be accessed by following this link:

  1.      Void Scheme for Care Homes 

For the period 18th April to 30th June 2020, if a care home experiences an outbreak of Covid the Council has extended the void payment terms from 3 days to 42 days for any Council funded residents that pass away during the time of the outbreak. This policy change applies to vacancies arising in care homes where the Council is/was no longer able to make placements due to Covid and is not linked to the resident's cause of death. This is being paid automatically to the care homes as part of the Councils usual payment process. 

  1. Cash Flow Support

During April 2020, Social Care Providers were given an advance payment linked to their current payment terms in order to support cash flow and up-front cost pressures. The advance payments were:

  • 2 weeks for Care Homes
  • 9 weeks for Domiciliary Care and Extra Care
  • 7 weeks for Supported Living Services

These advance payments will be recovered in full at a time agreed with each provider but is planned to be no sooner than 3 months of the advance payments being made.

  1. Access to Emergency Supplies of PPE

The Council is supplying care providers across the borough with emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) up to 7 days supplies free of charge as per the link:

  1. Faster Payment of Invoices

As an immediate step to the Covid response, the Council implemented measures to ensure that all validated invoices are paid within 4 working days rather than on the usual 30-day terms.

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