Coronavirus Organisation Status Form

What is this for?

The results of this form will help us to identify and provide support to organisations in Doncaster experiencing potential or confirmed impact from COVID-19.

What is it going to cost?

There is no cost to using this form.

What we need from you

We need you to answer a few short questions. You do not need to register to fill in the form, simply follow the link to 'CONTINUE WITHOUT REGISTERING".

You will be asked if anyone in your organisation has a potential or suspected case of COVID-19, symptoms of which can be found on the NHS website.

By completing this form you will be agreeing to us using your information as explained in our privacy notice

Please note:

We are aware some organisations are experiencing issues with locating their address in the system. This issue can often be easily rectified by only entering the post code into the field, ensuring correct spacing is used and avoiding typos.

What you should expect from us

We are not likely to be able to respond to each organisation individually but we will use this information to identify where support is most needed. Please be aware that this form is not intended to replace any statutory reporting obligations.

You can view the most up-to-date information on our Coronavirus Guidance pages.

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Last updated: 21 July 2020 11:27:30