Work on new Doncaster road safety scheme set to start

The installation of new average speed cameras along the A635 between Marr and Hickleton will begin next week (week commencing 15 February).

A number of cameras will be set up in the two villages and along the route to encourage motorists to stick to the speed limits, drive responsibly and help reduce the risk of potential road incidents.

The council expects the average speed based camera system to be up and running by the end of March.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said:

“We are committed to improving road safety across the borough and this initiative on the A635 from Marr to Hickleton is a prime example of our investment into making Doncaster roads safer.

“We have listened to the concerns of residents to improve road safety and after carefully considering all the options, average speed cameras were seen as the most appropriate solution for tackling irresponsible motorists as they offer an immediate solution on site that are visible.

“The use of average speed cameras will encourage motorists to keep to the current speed limits along the full stretch of the route rather than at fixed points. I would urge motorists to be more careful, wary of risky overtaking manoeuvres and by going at the appropriate speeds for the different sections of the road should help improve road safety for all users.

“An average speed system also creates smoother traffic flows by reducing the amount of slowing down and then accelerating by vehicles. This in turn helps reduce emissions and offers air quality benefits.

“It’s another step in addressing the Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency and forms part of our new Environment Strategy.”

The system works by recording vehicle number plates at the gateways to both villages (both entering and leaving), and measuring the time it takes to travel between these points.  This gives an accurate average speed for individual vehicles, which is used by the police to identify those exceeding the posted speed limits.  It also works during the hours of darkness, to give full 24/7 coverage.

As well as highly visible average speed cameras, there will be appropriate signage installed to encourage road users to drive responsibly, appropriate to the conditions, and within the law at all times.

The speed limits vary along this stretch of the A635 and the initiative, which is only of three in South Yorkshire to use this approach, will be closely monitored to consider their effectiveness.

Residents in Hickleton and Marr have been pushing for a bypass.

Mayor Ros Jones, commented:

“Like the residents, I want to see a bypass but it will be a £100million plus scheme requiring significant government investment to make it happen. Together with our partners we continue to push for it but a project of this size will be difficult to deliver in the short-term. Our investment in the speed cameras is a good intermediate measure with the bypass a possibility in the future.”

The £250,000 speed camera scheme is funded from Doncaster’s share of South Yorkshire’s Local Transport Plan funding and will be enforced by South Yorkshire Police.

Doncaster Council, together with the Sheffield City Region and Barnsley Council, are continuing to work hard to pursue the bypass for the area to relieve traffic volumes, air quality and road safety pressures.

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Last updated: 11 February 2021 11:59:18