Why ‘Recycling Right’ is so important

Following Recycle Week, residents in Doncaster are being encouraged to consider the environment and recycle right.

Recycling has a huge positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of new material that is needed to create new products. Recycling right is one of the easiest ways residents in Doncaster can make a real difference.

To recycle right, it is important that residents in Doncaster only put the right things in the right recycling containers. These are: plastic bottles; aerosols, cans, tins and foil; paper and cardboard in your blue bin. Glass bottles and jars should go in your green recycling box.

A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (The IPCC the world’s leading authority on climate science) led to environmental experts saying that it is “massive wake-up call” in the need to cut emissions and halt global warming.

At a local level, residents in Doncaster can play their part by making sure we are all recycling correctly and reducing our impact on the environment to safeguard the planet for us all and for future generations.
Cllr Mark Houlbrook, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Waste, said: “Doncaster Council is committed to ensuring Doncaster is as green and sustainable as it possibly can be, and that starts with making sure we are all recycling right. Putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin has a far greater impact than many of us would realise, so we are urging all residents to double check that they are recycling right.”

Residents can expect to see blue tags (above) placed on bins if they have put the wrong things in the recycling bin. The tags will advise them to remove the items that aren’t able to be recycled and their bin will be collected next time. The three stage process works as such:

  1. If a blue tag has been put on a blue recycling bin but the wrong thing is still in the bin it won’t be collected.
  2. The resident will then receive a letter with more information and asked to ensure they do recycle right.
  3. If they continue to put the wrong things in the bin a recycling officer will visit them to give help and advice.

The blue tags also list the items that can go in the recycling bin to make it as easy as possible for residents to do their bit for the environment.

Victoria Crabtree, Contract Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said: “While we know residents in Doncaster want to do the right thing and recycle as much as they can, putting the wrong things in the wrong bin can mean that an entire batch of recycling is contaminated and cannot be recycled. Our advice would be to please use the right recycling bin for the right thing, and if in doubt – leave it out.”

For more information, please visit www.doncaster.gov.uk/recycling

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Last updated: 21 October 2021 16:12:18