Warm weather hygiene tips for wheelie bins

Warm summer days are great and a few sensible precautions will allow everyone to enjoy them without problems with waste which can occur in hot weather.


  • Always keep the lid of your wheelie bin down and if possible store it out of direct sunlight
  • Minimise food waste by planning ahead and not buying too much food. Barbecues are major culprits for creating leftover food
  • Do not leave cooked food waste exposed in the kitchen where it could attract flies. Maggots can appear within 8-12 hours of eggs being laid by flies in warm weather. They will only appear if flies have been able to settle on uncovered food and lay their eggs
  • Do not leave cat or dog food out uncovered for the same reason
  • Wrap food waste carefully and bag all other waste before you put it in the bin
  • Squeeze the air out of bags used to contain food waste before they are tied and put in the bin. The lack of air should slow down general decomposition, reduce smells and slow the development of maggots
  • Put nappies, pet bedding and cat litter in bags and make sure they are tied tightly
  • Use newspaper or old carrier bags for wrapping. If food is thoroughly wrapped flies will not be able to access it
  • Regularly clean out your bin to get rid of any residues using a strong disinfectant or diluted bleach to kill off any germs, odours and flies
  • Alternatively use a wheelie bin liner or pay for a professional bin cleaning service.
  • Keep your recycling bins clean by rinsing out plastic packaging, tins and cans containing food waste to avoid liquid building up in the bottom
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Last updated: 02 August 2019 15:55:49