Complete our short survey - Views sought on improvement measures for Doncaster town centre

Residents, business owners and visitors are being asked for their opinions on powers designed to help make Doncaster’s town centre a safe and attractive place to visit, shop, work and live.

The council’s existing Doncaster Town Centre Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)  will come to the end of its three year term in November.

To ensure a potential new and revised PSPO can be launched seamlessly when the current PSPO comes to the end of its three year cycle, a public consultation has started to ask for feedback on whether another PSPO is needed and, if it is, what it could include.

The PSPO would be one part of a comprehensive plan of activities to improve the town centre and tackle anti-social behaviour. Continuing to offer wide ranging support services for vulnerable people with complex lives, to help prevent and tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, drug and alcohol misuse, mental ill-health, offending and anti-social behaviour and begging will be at the heart of the ongoing plans.

The council believes that a renewed and revised PSPO would help to tackle anti-social behaviour which can negatively affect the town centre.

Cllr Chris McGuinness, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The existing PSPO was widely supported and something the majority of residents who took part in the consultation said they wanted to see in the town centre. We now need to know what people think to some proposed changes for a new, revised PSPO. We would like to hear from as many people as possible and would strongly encourage people to complete our online survey.

“The legal process for creating a PSPO takes a number of months to complete and to meet the November renewal date we need to start the consultation now, even though we are still in a coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures are just starting to be eased. We would ask people to bear this in mind with their responses and provide their feedback based on their experiences of the town centre before the coronavirus pandemic.

“The online survey only takes a few minutes to complete and I would urge people to share their views so we can understand their needs and wants for Doncaster town centre. A strong and thriving urban centre which is easily accessible for all of our communities is vital for our borough. It’s the catalyst for economic growth and jobs and improvements we all can benefit from.”

The council is using an online approach to communicate and seek views given the current situation and people are urged to find out more and complete the short online questionnaire at:

Town Centre PSPO consultation

The consultation will remain open until Monday 20 July 2020.


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Last updated: 25 June 2020 12:29:14