Latest electric vehicles delivered to community hubs!

The Council’s move to zero emissions vehicles continues, with the latest fully electric vehicles being delivered to community hubs.

This brings the current fleet of electric vehicles to 36 and increasing.

The Council now has electric vehicle chargers at North Bridge Depot, as well as at Balby Family Centre, Mexborough Library and Sandall Beat Environment Centre with the vehicles being used by the Council’s frontline Community Teams and Sustainability Unit.

The latest electric cars were all procured locally within Doncaster, supporting the local Doncaster economy and jobs.

Cabinet member for Sustainability and Waste, Cllr Mark Houlbrook said: “The biggest impact we can make as a community to help our climate is to look at how we can change the way we travel; that is, by committing more to walking and cycling. However, the council knows that many journeys and services still require vehicles and Electric Vehicles offer a clean way to meet this need.

“The Council is committed to playing its part in finding green solutions wherever possible which ensure we can continue to deliver services whilst also playing our part in tackling emissions and climate change.”

Cabinet member for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement, Cllr Joe Blackham said: “Electric Vehicles and charging station provision forms part of Doncaster’s sustainable, holistic mobility strategy that also encourages walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport use.

“More and more new vehicles in Doncaster are Electric or Hybrid, and I am pleased that as a council we are able to lead the way on this.  I welcome those now introduced at both Balby Family Centre and Mexborough Library.”

The vehicles are set to begin being used within communities over the next two weeks, with further charging stations becoming operational at Wheatley Family Centre, Holmescarr Centre, Waste Transfer Station and the Civic Office from September.

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Last updated: 29 July 2022 14:58:22