Launch of the ‘Look Ahead’ Post-16 Guide for Doncaster’s Young People

Whether a young person prefers classroom study in a Sixth Form, on-the-job training with an Apprenticeship, or hands-on, practical learning at a college, Doncaster has a huge wealth of options for young people when they leave school at 16.

The government has increased the age to which all young people in England must continue in education or training. This doesn’t mean that young people must stay in school and it doesn’t mean young people can’t get a job. Young people can still leave school at the end of Year 11, however they must continue to participate in some form of learning until at least their 18th Birthday.

We do know however that this choice is not only important to families, but often confusing and overwhelming. Doncaster Opportunity Area has worked with education partners in Doncaster to develop a handy guide to aid young people and their families in navigating the different and wide ranging options for when a young person leaves school at 16.

The ‘Look Ahead’ Post-16 Options booklet is being delivered this week to all families in Doncaster with a young person currently in Year 11, and a digital version of this, as well as more information, is also available at Information is also available for families whose young people have a special educational need on the Local Offer at

If you are someone who has child in Year 11 or you work with families and young people in your role at the council, please feel free to promote and use this resource!

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Last updated: 29 November 2019 16:01:16