Gritting crews ready to keep Doncaster moving this winter

Doncaster Council’s gritters are on standby ready to face another winter.

Our gritting crews are ready to treat some 330 miles of routes. The borough’s grit dome holding over 1,750 tonnes of grit and reserve stock of 4,000 tonnes. They used about 2,800 tonnes last year so there is plenty to go around even if we face a harsher winter than last year.

The winter service period begins now, with crews on standby around the clock until the end of winter to treat the network when frost or snow are forecast, and to monitor closely the best time to grit in order to maximise its effectiveness.

A specialised daily forecast gives predictions of the possibility of freezing road temperatures, snow and other weather data, and the time those conditions may occur. Other live data is received from weather stations in the Doncaster area including air and road temperatures, rainfall, and wind direction, all of which is monitored 24 hours a day during the winter maintenance season.

The hashtag #SYgrit returns this year to help people find the latest updates on road conditions and gritting across South Yorkshire on social media.

Cllr Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Our crews are prepared and ready, in a socially distanced and COVID-secure way, to help keep us all safe on the roads this winter.

“It’s good to #SYgrit being used on social media once again, allowing us to work closely with local authorities across South Yorkshire to help our residents plan a safe journey.

“Please take care when travelling in colder weather, check that your vehicle is winter ready and leave plenty of time for your journey in adverse weather.”

For more information on gritting routes and grit bin locations, visit 


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Last updated: 02 November 2020 15:53:46