Further clarity called for after the latest Government HS2 announcement

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, would like further clarity from the Government on its HS2 announcement that the line will be delivered in full but with a further review for phase two on how to reduce costs and integrate it into the existing network. 

Mayor Ros Jones, said:

“We have always supported the principle of HS2 but it is clear the current Phase 2B route is the wrong solution for South Yorkshire. It will have a devastating impact on our communities, tear up our landscape, limit our economic potential and cap the future growth of our rail services in our region.

"I am both pleased and concerned about this latest announcement. I am pleased it could give us the opportunity to revisit the planned route and go back to the Meadowhall route, which would be far more beneficial for Doncaster and mean fewer demolitions. 

“I also appreciate the opportunity to integrate HS2 with the existing network and would like to see significant investment in the existing network across Doncaster and the north. 

“My worry of a further review into Phase two is that the Shimmer Estate residents in Mexborough still face uncertainty as to if and when their properties will be demolished. I feel for these residents whose lives have been tormented by HS2 for years and are still no clearer on what lies ahead in the future.

“I also have concerns that the environmental mitigation may be cut in efforts to save money so I will be writing to the minister and the Prime Minister for clarity, inviting them to meet with me and residents of the Shimmer Estate who are still left in limbo. 

“The clock is ticking and it will be decades before we see HS2 and much needed new rail schemes open. The Government must support projects that can be on the ground quickly and deliver real benefits for our residents, businesses and the economy. We simply can’t wait another 20 years to see improvements in South Yorkshire and the north.

“That means delivering the East Coast Mainline station at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. This will provide the equivalent number of new jobs and economic growth for South Yorkshire as HS2 and what’s more it can be open in five years.

“The Government also needs to fund vital upgrades to the East Coast Mainline, local and regional railway lines and at Railway Stations across Doncaster to improve reliability and capacity of services.”

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Last updated: 11 February 2020 14:59:10