Financial support for residents and businesses affected by flooding

There are currently a range of ways that residents and business who have been affected by flooding can get financial support. Here are the details of each funding grant, with details below of how to apply for them.


Community Recovery Grant - £500


South Yorkshire Community Fund – up to £200

This is financial support from donations raised in the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal Fund. Each household which has been flooded or uninhabitable due to the floods can apply to receive up to £200 from the fund. You can apply for the South Yorkshire Community Fund by visiting:

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery Support Scheme – Up to £5000

The Government is now making funding available to allow flood-hit homes and businesses to receive up to £5,000 (including VAT) to make changes on properties and reduce damage levels should flooding reoccur. More details can be found on the following page: My house has been affected by flooding

Council Tax exemptions

If flood water entered your property, you won’t pay council tax for at least 3 months. The exemption will continue until you’re back in your property.

The exemptions will be applied automatically by the council to any property that has received the Community Recovery Grant (listed above).

A full list of key questions about the Council Tax exemptions is available here:

Council Tax and Business Rates Flood questions
Download (16KB - DOCX)


Business Recovery Grant - £2500

If floodwater entered your business, or your business was directly impacted by flooding (e.g you were unable to trade due to the flooding or stock was damaged) then you can apply for a grant of up to £2500.

The grant is available to small and medium-sized businesses, and you can check if your business is eligible using the link below.

Business Rates exemptions

If floodwater entered your business, you won’t pay business rates for at least 3 months. The exemption will continue until you’re able to resume trading.

The exemptions will be applied automatically by the council to any business which receives the Business Recovery Grant.

A full list of questions about Business Rate exemptions is available on the above document.

Credit and loans

Some residents have considered taking short-term loans or credit agreements to cope with the financial stress caused by the floods.

Please be aware of the very high interest rates offered by short-term loan companies, which can lead to more financial difficulties. There are also loan sharks operating in communities that have been affected by flooding, offering immediate sums of money with very high interest rates. It is strongly recommended that you do not engage with anyone of this kind.

Instead, there are better options including speaking to a Credit Union. Visit here for more details:

Applying for the grants

If the floods have damaged your property or business, you can complete the appropriate form from our Flood Advice web pages or call our dedicated hotline on 01302 737888 on Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm.


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