Doncaster’s gritting fleet ready for action!

Doncaster Council’s gritting teams are on full-time standby and ready for the winter ahead to keep motorists who use the network safe.

Every year the 13-strong fleet of front line gritters and their drivers go on to full-time, 24-hour standby marking the official start of winter.

To put the volume of work required in context, last year, the council’s teams went out 69 times across the ten different gritting routes in the borough.

This year, 40 staff have been trained and are prepared to tackle the elements with the aim of providing a practical, safe, efficient, sustainable and cost effective winter service for the public Training includes a health and safety induction, winter maintenance, route familiarisation and extensive knowledge of gritting controls and technology.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Our teams are weather ready. We’re well organised and are prepared for what winter has in store. We have around 6,500 tonnes of rock salt ready to be used as and when the road temperatures drop to – or below – zero degrees.

“The team often work around the clock when a lot of us are in the warmth of our house and make sure the surfaces are treated as best as they can be for everyone the following day, from commuters to school children to emergency services.

“A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring that people can travel in and around the area as smoothly as possible despite the weather but our highways teams can only do so much. Therefore, we also have 22 volunteer snow wardens across the borough who have received training to enable to assist the council and some of those ‘harder-to-reach’ areas, when required.”

In total, a network of 530Km of 'A' roads, 'B' roads and other strategic routes is covered by precautionary gritting/salting, which is approximately 35% of the council's roads.

Our social media channels will often inform followers of if / when members of the public can expect to see our gritters out on the roads.

In the meantime, our winter charter can provide a useful reminder of our advice and guidance:

Winter Charter

Look after yourself

Look after each other

We will

Unfortunately we cannot

Keep up to date with the weather forecast. Make a plan in case of bad weather

Become a volunteer

Aim to continue to deliver our priority activities, this may however be at a reduced level in severe weather

Clear snow and ice from all roads and footpaths

Leave the car at home in heavy snow or floods if possible, if not allow more time and plan journeys in advance- remembering to drive to conditions

Check up on vulnerable neighbours. They may need shopping (tinned fruits, vegetables, soups and dried goods such as rice and pasta will last through the winter months), prescriptions collecting, footpaths clearing, walking the dog or just to see a friendly face

Help to keep Doncaster moving by gritting roads across the borough as shown on our gritting map

Deliver care to residents who have not already been approved through the usual channels

Stay safe - care should be taken when using electric blankets or filling hot water bottles. Never use a hot water bottle and an electric blanket together, as this is extremely dangerous and could give you an electric shock.

Make sure neighbours are eating and drinking regular hot food and drinks to keep warm, as well as wearing several layers of thin clothes rather than one layer of thick clothing

Support those who are identified to us as vulnerable residents in partnership with other organisations

Make repairs to the homes of private tenants and homeowners


Check neighbours have a means of heating, at least in the room they are using and that any fuel is within safe reach

Provide advice to residents on energy bills and heating their homes

Always empty bins when it snows (but we will aim to do so as soon as possible when conditions allow)


Make sure that heating is in good working order and turned on (18 – 21°c) in the room that neighbours spend most of their time in, also keeping curtains and doors closed to retain heat

Update our websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts with information and advice



More information about gritting can be found on our website:

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Last updated: 22 November 2022 13:36:35