Doncaster's Great British September Clean 2020

Between 11-27 September ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ ran a nationwide ‘Great British September Clean event’ with the communities of Doncaster taking part in a socially distanced manner. 

The aim was to gather our own Litter Heroes from across the borough and help them improve the environment on their own doorstep. 

Doncaster Council’s Communities Teams, with bags supplied by Keep Britain Tidy, brought together Community Groups, Friends of Groups, Schools and Individuals who joined forces to safely collect and dispose of litter from their local streets, parks and open spaces. 

The activity also enabled them to get out and experience fresh air and mild exercise as well as some safely distanced socialising with other members of their community encouraging community capacity building.  The event was also supported by the Council’s Street Scene Teams who ensured all the litter collected was removed.

In addition a number of Corporate Volunteer litter picks were by carried out by Council Officers across the Borough, showing support to local Communities in the fight against litter!

Doncaster was honoured to have its very own Womble who visited some of the litter picks showing support and giving litter picking tips where needed.

In total, there were more than 50 events held across the borough with an amazing 700 plus bags of litter collected by over 500 Community volunteers  The support for the GBSC was inspiring, especially within the current climate and proved that, no matter what, our Communities want to continue the fight against litter on our streets!

Comments received from some of the events that took place:

Tidy Up Common Lane
"We started at Austerfield Golf club roundabout and worked the area alongside the airport southern boundary and collected 10 bags."

Tickhill Clean Up
"We litter picked the A631 to Limestone Farm back under railway bridge along Apy Hill Lane for 2.5 miles then returned doing other side of the lane.  The litter pick did not produce as much litter as previous events along this route, so everyone was pleasantly surprised and went home for a well-earned Sunday lunch. Collected 15 bags and a house for sale sign, 17 people took part in 3 groups."

Vanya Pearson
"I completed my 2 hour litter pick. 10 bags from Broomhouse Lane in Doncaster, the first 4 where done just as a council truck pulled up so we're taken away straight away."

Bedlam Plantation
"We've just finished the litter pick! Only 2 people turned up but we did a massive amount of work. We put some of the rubbish behind the bus stop and I think the council have already collected that. We made our way quite far in to the woods. In total we collected about 20 bags of rubbish plus lots of bulky items including 2 paddling pools, a car seat, 2 bike tyres and a wheel, a radiator, duvets, a big mirror and a plastic road barrier. 3 people took part."

Askern Councillors
"We collected 5 bags and will drop it at Alexander House in the morning. Take up was slow with only 1 resident taking part, with me that made 2."

Carcroft SMILE
"Walked around Carcroft public highways, 5 people attended and collected 3 bags."

Burghwallis Litter Pickers
"We met and arranged the roads to be cleaned so that we were not in groups of more than 6. We completed litter picking 3 roads – Abbes Walk, Burghwallis Lane and Burghwallis Road. On Abbes Walk we found piles of carpets, underlay along with tyres, scrap wood etc. On Burghwallis Lane we found piles of curtain poles, bedroom-furniture, tyres and household items. On Burghwallis Road we also found tyres, household items along with bags of rubbish. All in all, we had a good pick, the weather was kind to us as last time it snowed. Our age ranged from 66 years to 80+ years.  Shame we did not get more volunteers considering the number of people living in the village. 10 people attended and collected over 40 bags."

Martinwells Lake
"Steady walk/litter picking from Martinwells centre on Thompson Avenue to and around Martinwells Lake. Also taking good opportunity to engage with people fishing/dog walking and feeding the ducks. 3 people took part."

Love Where You Live – Hyde Park
"We had a great turnout of five adult residents, four kids and then three of us from Groundwork/Hubbub (this turnout was staggered across 2 hours). We got lots of pictures including before and after shots of the alley and some audio recordings from residents. Two big issues in the Jarratt/Cunningham alley was the dumping of green/garden waste.  The feedback was very positive with a number of residents saying they’re excited to come out and help again on Wednesday next week. There’s a number of kids around 7 – 12 years old who live on Cunningham Road which backs onto the alleyway, they all get along well and were especially excited for the workshops to come. 12 people took part."

Thorne Litter Pick
"We picked all around both Delves ponds and all woodland trails. Conversing with anglers, dog-walkers & duck-feeders. Loads of bottles/cans where young people obviously congregate. 5 people took part."

Stephenson Family
"Spent about an hour and a half walking around the main routes in Sandall Beat Wood. Collected many discarded baby wipes. Found an area that requires further clean up, several bagged up dog mess bags close to the fence where it has been breached from the football field hidden from view in the ditch. 4 people took part."

AMA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association)
"In Doncaster we had the opportunity to volunteer and take part in the Great British September Clean on 19th and 20th September 2020.  The event was held in Bentley Park along with the neighbouring streets.  On 19th the event started at 9:30am with 4 youth, aged between 15 and 40 (volunteers) and on 20th at 6:30am with 4 aged more than 40 years took part.  The event was held in accordance with the government’s Covid-19 guidelines.  Mask face, gloves, and high-Vis jackets along with the litter picking equipment.  This was a successful event and even got noticed by the local residents who were happy that young lads were spending time in cleaning the community and making it a better place. “We’re from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Doncaster and we are volunteers and helping out."
All volunteers enjoyed the event along with refreshments at the end when we finished “We are waiting and eager to help out and look forward to more events like this” were the words of one of our youth volunteers.

Adwick Litter Pickers
"Nine Council staff walked around Highfields Country Park in two small groups collecting litter as they walked.  They all filled a bag each on their walk, collectively filling 9 large bags."

Conisbrough Forward Pic-nic
"Litter pick and tidy up of path group uses for organised walks – cutting back brambles and general litter pick. Also nearby street litter pick on Buckingham Road towards Hillside Primary School.  In keeping with the Covid restrictions we were a very small party but a couple who couldn't join us did a small litter pick in their area the day before as part of the activity.  The area was left in a better condition than when we arrived and everyone who took part enjoyed it."

The Cottam Wombles
"The weather was good for us and we filled bags of litter collected from Springwell Lane, Hanbury Close and the alley way that goes from Springwell to Berrington Close. 5 people took part."

Lakeside Village
"Lakeside Village Management Team along with Business Doncaster, McDonalds Lakeside and Dome came together and litter picked the area. Collecting over 25 bags between them."

Sandall Park Junior Rangers
"Two families came along to take part in the litterpick at Sandall Park, in total 4 people 2 adults and 2 children (aged 9 and 3). Everyone taking part in the litterpick said they had lots of fun (most of all they loved the womble) and would love to get involved again. They have added Area Central on Facebook to keep up to date with local events and activities.  Unfortunately not as many Rangers turned up as expected, we feel this may have been to the cold weather and some still being apprehensive about the virus."

Cadeby Clean Up
"We concentrated our efforts on the 3 main roads giving access to our village, Cadeby lane, Cadeby Road and Nursery Lane. We found “pockets” of rubbish/litter scattered on the side of the roads and further into the wayside. Most of the items would have been thrown from a vehicle but some of the larger items had been dumped and left with no regard for residents of the “plight of the landscape”. We had 8 people taking part who collected 30+ bags."

Keep Rossington Tidy
"Our litter pick was a success. 10 local Rossington volunteers cleared all along sheep bridge lane from St Michael's church to welcome to Rossington sign. Along in overgrown grass we picked out bags of clothes, lots of empty headache tablet sleeves, cans, silver canisters, glass alcohol bottles, plastic pop bottles and more."

Weldricks Pharmacy – 10 minutes per branch across 36 branches
Joanne and Sons – between 3 and 5 litter picks per week
Barnby Dun Primary – Eco Warriors to continue litter picking local area
Edllington Victoria Academy – encouraging each child to carry out 1 litter pick with family
Francesca of Mexborough – daily litter pick
Christine Howson – daily litter pick
Michael Bryan – continue to litter pick Woodfield

Thank you to everyone who took part, it's now time for a well earned rest! 


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