Could you become a Domestic Abuse Champion?

FREE domestic abuse training

A new initiative is being planned that will show residents and colleagues who they can approach in confidence about domestic abuse. Victims of domestic abuse do not always have the freedom to reach out for help but by recruiting people from different teams and organisations to become domestic abuse champions we make that opportunity greater and could enable a victim to get the help they need.

A domestic abuse pin badge can be worn by any practitioner or community champion in Doncaster that has:

·         Completed domestic abuse training

·         Knows what support services are available and how to refer to victims

·         Has domestic abuse information leaflets to provide to victims and people who are abusive

If you would like to enrol onto a training course please visit Domestic Abuse - Training - Doncaster Council all training courses are FREE.

Please contact if you have already completed the training and have not received a badge.

Once there is an army of badge wearers in Doncaster there will be a big awareness campaign to let people know what we are doing.  It will hopefully give people the confidence to report the abuse, knowing that they will be listened to, believed, understood and helped to get support.

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Last updated: 20 September 2021 10:54:40