Council leads way on reckless dog owners

An irresponsible dog owner from Thorne has been hit with a heavy fine of more than £1500 at court after being found guilty of breaching two separate abatement notices that had been served on her by Doncaster Council.

Ms Lauren Jowers of The Battlefields, Thorne, was found guilty in her absence, for consistently not clearing up dog mess and for allowing her dog to create a nuisance, by continually barking, whining and crying throughout the day.

Cllr Joe Blackham, portfolio holder for Enforcement, said: “This individual blatantly disregarded the notices that had been served on her by the council and continued to fail to manage her dog, despite warnings. This selfish and arrogant behaviour has had a significant impact on other people living nearby.

“The council is committed to dealing with problematic dog owners, such as Ms Jowers, and will seek prosecutions against people who deliberately flout the rules. As a result of her not abiding by the notice she was quite rightly handed a significant fine.

“Irresponsible individuals like this will not be allowed to - disturb other people’s peace or blight their surroundings.”   

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Last updated: 21 September 2021 11:29:28