Council awarded over 200k as part of Emergency Tree Fund

Doncaster Council has been successful in its bid to secure funding from the Woodland Trusts’ Emergency Tree Fund.

The fund – which is awarded to a selection of local authorities – will help the Council build on work to plant more trees by increasing staff capacity for tree planting.

Just over £220,000 will be given to the council, with the funding provided as part of Amazon’s Right Now Climate Fund.

The Woodland Trust established the fund as a key part in their ambition to establish 50 million more trees by 2025 to help tackle both the nature and climate crises.

Cabinet member for Waste and Sustainability, Cllr Mark Houlbrook, said: “Tackling Climate Change is one of our great 8 priorities and vital not just in the long-term, but for the health, wellbeing and safety of our residents in the short term as well.

“I am delighted that at a time when we are all rightly focused on the cost of living crises, that work  which will make Doncaster greener and healthier can continue to help us tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency.

“My thanks go to the Sustainability Unit within the Council, who have worked passionately to achieve a successful bid.”

Dr Darren Moorcroft, the Woodland Trust’s Chief Executive, added: With the droughts this year, it has shown us it has never been more important to look at how we adapt to the changing climate in this country.

 “A key part of this will be planting more trees and protecting what we have for the many benefits they bring – they help purify our air, cool our towns and cities, make land more resilient to combating flooding and enhancing well-being.

“Whilst we can plant and protect trees on our land, we cannot tackle this alone, and it needs to be done in a strategic way across large areas.

“This funding, thanks to generous support from Amazon, gets to the heart of the matter by targeting councils. With so many financial strains it can be tough for them to take action in this area. The Emergency Tree Fund will give them the tools to create and plan for more woodland, combining our expertise in unlocking land for woodland creation and management – making a difference to people’s lives on a large scale.”

To read more about the council’s strategy for tackling the climate & biodiversity emergency – visit

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Last updated: 07 October 2022 15:27:53