An update from Rachael Leslie, Deputy Director for Public Health in Doncaster

It’s been a busy week for many, as pupils returned to school and college for a brand new term. 

I’m certain both parents and young people were happy to see classrooms re-open and friendship groups rekindled. Thank you to everyone for sticking to any Covid guidance set by your school on what I know is usually a very busy week! 

Overall our rates are more or less holding steady at what is still quite a high rate of new infections. As expected with the return of schools, we’ve seen a small rise in infection rates since last week, we are currently at 438 per 100,000, from the period 29 August to 4 September.  

We did pick up a number of positive cases due to lateral flow testing before pupils returned to secondary school, but that’s positive news as it shows the testing is doing the job it is meant to. It’s identifying those positive cases before they've had a chance to come into the setting and mix with others and limiting as much as possible any further spread within schools. 

Of course tomorrow is one of the biggest days in the calendar for Doncaster, with the running of the oldest classic horse race, the St Leger at the Racecourse. If you are attending tomorrow, please have a great time but try and keep safety in mind for yourself and others. Wash your hands regularly, keep distance wherever possible and most importantly if you feel ill stay at home and book a test straight away.

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Last updated: 10 September 2021 15:42:05