A further 80 high speed electric vehicle charging bays lined up for Doncaster

Doncaster Council is pressing ahead with plans to support the use of electric vehicles across the borough by increasing the availability of high speed electric vehicle charging points.

These will complement the 67 charging bays currently available in car parks, supermarkets and fuel stations in Doncaster, raising the number to about 150.

Work on installing the charge points should start in the coming months with the first of the additional bays becoming available in the summer.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said:

“We want more local people to consider shifting to electric vehicles and by significantly improving the necessary infrastructure across our borough we should help encourage more to make the switch. 

“The increased use of electric vehicles will mean less carbon emissions and improved air quality which is a key part of our Climate and Biodiversity Emergency agenda and our new Environment Strategy.

“These new ‘high speed’ charging points are the first of many we intend to roll out and with plans to offer on-street residential charging, it shows our commitment to do everything we can in order to reach net zero emissions by 2040.

“As a council, I am proud we are starting to switch our fleet to fully electric vehicles and I hope more Doncaster residents follow our lead.”

For existing and new drivers, and those planning to switch to electric, these new charge points are a welcome safety net while out and about, or a chance to ‘top up’ as part of a longer journey.

With 80% of charging done at home, as slow charging is recommended by battery manufacturers as part of a healthy charging regime, the fast charge points will help give confidence to electric car drivers that they can comfortably complete their journey.

Through switching to electric vehicles people will reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to cleaner air and possibly save money by having lower running costs for their vehicles.

Details of charging locations can be found at www.zap-map.com

Funding will come from the Sheffield City Region for enhancing electric vehicle charging coverage across South Yorkshire.

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Last updated: 15 February 2021 18:20:53