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Power Switching

The Big Power Switch – switch together, save together

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As household budgets continue to become increasingly squeezed, Doncaster Council will be working to help you to keep the cost of living down with a range of schemes to ensure you are on the best possible gas and electricity tariffs for you.

The idea is simple - the more households who register for The Big Power Switch, then the more bargaining power the scheme has to drive down the cost of energy.

Home owners, private tenants and council tenants including those on prepayment meters are all eligible for the scheme (though private tenants should check that their tenancy agreement doesn’t restrict them from switching suppliers). Households don’t have to be within Doncaster to take advantage of the scheme, so be sure to tell your friends and family living in other areas that they can also enjoy the potential savings.

Households who registered for earlier rounds of the scheme saved on average £234.

** The Big Power Switch scheme is currently closed.  Households that registered for the latest round will be contacted after Friday 13th February to be told exactly how much they could save with The Big Power Switch and will have until Monday 16th March to decide if they want to switch. **

You can still be an Energy Shopper
The Big Power Switch isn't the only option when it comes to saving money on your gas and electricity. On average shopping around for a better deal can save you up to £200 and recent changes have made the process a lot quicker and easier.  For an easy and impartial guide from Ofgem, the energy regulator, visit


If you have questions about The Big Power Switch view our Frequently Asked Questions.

We also have a video which explains how the scheme works or you can see what Iain and Karen told us about their Big Power Switch experience.

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