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Local Authority Land and Assets 

Details of land and building assets owned by the council. Please note that the UPRN numbers have been truncated when the report has been converted to a CSV file. The UPRN numbers are 11 digits but those beginning with a zero have been truncated to a 10 digit number when converted to a CSV file. The Excel file should show the reference numbers in full. You will therefore have to add a zero to the beginning of any 10 digit UPRN's when manipulating the data.

Land and Buildings Assets at at 30th June 2017 (csv format)
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Social Housing Asset Value

Details of the value of social housing stock that is held in the Housing Revenue Account as at 1st April, 2015. The information is published at postal sector level using both Existing Use Value for Social Housing (EUV-SH) and market value. The market value represents the vacant possession value of the property. The market value is adjusted by a regional factor, in this case for Yorkshire and the Humber, to arrive at the EUV-SH value which reflects that sitting tenants enjoy rents lower than the open market rents and tenants' rights including Right to Buy. The difference indicates the economic cost to government of providing council housing at less than open market rents.

The figures are provisional figures and will be reconciled back to the statement of accounts once completed.

Social Housing Assets Data
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