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Programmes Funding Newsletter - July 2018

This month's newsletter contains 21 external funding opportunities totalling over £583 million.
July 18 Newsletter
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Department for Education (DfE) Survey of Childcare and Early Years

The DfE will be undertaking a pilot survey of childcare and early years providers in January and February 2018.  The survey will be issued to 750 childcare and early years providers, which will consist of 250 from the following provider types: group based providers, school based providers; and childminders.  This will be followed by the main survey which is scheduled to take place from April to June 2018, and this will have a much larger sample of schools and providers (circa 70,000).  

The evidence from the surveys is crucial in providing an accurate picture of the childcare and early years sector and how this may have changed since the survey was previously carried out.   With changes across the sector and larger government involvement including funding reforms and the introduction of 30 hours free childcare, it is vital to understand how these changes is affecting different types of early years providers. It will also enable the voice of providers to inform policy decisions. 

The surveys are not being run through the local authorities.  DfE wants to alert schools and childcare providers to the possibility they may be contacted by the National Centre for Social Research, on DfE’s behalf, to take part in the survey. 

All schools and providers invited to participate in either the pilot or main survey, will be contacted by letter.  This initial communication will include an opportunity to opt out of further contact about the survey.  The letter will also contain frequently asked questions and contact details for the DfE (the team email inbox as the contact point) so providers can check the legitimacy of the survey. 

The Tax Free Childcare Team (information received 15/1/2018) 

We are rolling out Tax Free Childcare to children aged under 9 years old on the 15th January 2018 (children who become 9 on that date also qualify).  All remaining eligible parents can apply from 14th February 2018. 

 This government is committed to supporting working parents with the cost of childcare, and in 2019-2020 will spend around £6bn on childcare support, which is a record amount.  Since its introduction, 325,000 families have successfully applied to use the childcare service and over 170,000 now have a Tax Free Childcare account. More than 295,000 families have a 30 hours code. 

We’re proud of this achievement, but still want more parents to benefit from this support.  With your continuing help, we can make this happen.   

You might want to use the bullet point information below in your own communications with parents to help us spread the word and support parents to make the right choices for them: 

  • Today (15/1/2018), Tax Free Childcare opens to parents whose youngest child is under 9 years old, or who turns 9 today.  The scheme will open to all remaining eligible families with children under 12 years old on 14th February 2018.  This means all eligible parents will be able to apply for Tax Free Childcare before the end of this financial year. 
  • Parents, including the self-employed, can apply online for Tax Free Childcare by visiting the Childcare Choices website at 
  • Parents can also access the government’s childcare calculator on the Childcare Choices website, which helps parents to choose which government childcare support is best for them. 

Kind regards,  The Tax Free Childcare Team



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Early Years Update Briefing with Ofsted HMI

Please see below powerpoint slides from the Early Years update briefing with Ofsted HMI.

Early Years Doncaster - Challenges Support and Opportunities
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Future of Education Inspections
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Flu resources for Early Years Providers from Public Health

5 reasons to vaccinate your child against flu
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Protecting your child against flu
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Flu, your pregnancy and you
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