Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

The Doncaster Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education - June 2013 has been reviewed in accordance with statutory requirements.

Doncaster Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) would like to thank all those schools who took the time to respond to the syllabus review questionnaire. Their comments helped shape the changes that have been made.

In community, foundation and voluntary controlled schools the 2013 agreed syllabus is henceforth the statutory syllabus for religious education. It replaces the 2006 syllabus, which is now redundant.

The revised syllabus has been updated in line with educational developments since 2006 and takes account of the latest guidance on religious education in English schools (2010). It places renewed emphasis on the importance of religious education in a school’s planning for the provision of opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and makes clear links with the subsidiary guidance issued to Ofsted inspectors in January 2012.

Academies must provide RE in accordance with their funding agreement. 

Current advice from the DfE says academies without a religious character must provide RE in accordance with the requirements for local agreed syllabuses. If that is the case, it is hoped that Doncaster academies will recognise the benefits of continuing to use the revised local agreed syllabus. It is a ready-made curriculum document which the LA is happy to share with them.

Schools and academies that responded to the review questionnaire supported the proposal to move to an electronic form of distribution, therefore the Agreed Syllabus and supporting documentation can be found in Downloads and Resources on this page.

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