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Support for pre-school children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Pre School Inclusion Team

The Pre-School inclusion team offer support to Early years settings (private, maintained nurseries, childminders and playgroups) All early years settings have a pre-school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or inclusion coordinator. It is their responsibility to coordinate support for children with SEN in their setting and to liaise with other professionals to ensure that all the needs of your child are planned for in advance. They will talk to you about your child’s needs and how the setting can best support them. Childcare providers must have and implement a policy, and procedure, to promote equality of opportunity for children in their care.

The policy should cover:
• How the individual needs of all children will be met (including those children who are disabled or have special educational needs, will be included, valued and supported, and how reasonable adjustments will be made for them)
• The name of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (in group provision)
• Arrangements for reviewing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of inclusive practices that promote and value diversity and difference;
• How inappropriate attitudes and practices will be challenged;
• How the provision will encourage children to value and respect difference

Tel: 01302 862103

2017-2018 Early Years Request information
Download (49KB - DOCX)
2018 Early Years Request Form (PSIT - Seedlings)
Download (55KB - DOCX)
Early years request form EIA continuation of EIA 2018
Download (54KB - DOCX)
2018- 2019 Confirmation of Continuation of EIA
Download (56KB - DOCX)
EIA Agreement 2018
Download (28KB - DOCX)
2018 Reflective Inclusion Audit
Download (38KB - DOCX)
Provision Map Template 2017 18
Download (29KB - DOCX)
*NEW*Request for a GDA - November 2017
Download (42KB)
SEN Person Centred Plan Revised
Download (144KB - DOC)
Blank Personalised Learning Plan - Example in Early Years (November 2016)
Download (14KB - DOCX)
Extension of the Early Intervention Allowance into reception (FS2)
Continuation of EIA into FS2 (Reception)
Download (59KB - DOCX)
Early Years Funding
Download (130KB)
GUIDANCE NOTES for requesting enhanced funding
Download (147KB)
Request for High Needs top up (enhanced SEN Support)
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Portage Team

Portage is a home visiting, educational service for pre-school children with additional support needs and their families. Portage offers a framework of support with regular home visits, by a trained Portage Home Visitor. Parents share with the home visitor their understanding of their child’s individual abilities and support needs.
• Supports the development of play, communication, relationships and learning for young children within the family.
• Puts the emphasis on the positive; finding out and building on what each child can do.
• Makes learning fun for all the family.
• Encourages a child’s interests.
• Provides support and signposting.

Referrals for a Portage Service can only be made to the Early Years Panel by a child’s Paediatrician, Health Visitor, Therapist or Early Skills Group DRI.

Portage Request Form 2017-2018
Download (99KB - DOC)
Doncaster Portage Service
Download (109KB)

Seedlings Group

The Pre School Inclusion and Portage Team run an OFSTED registered group for pre-school children who have a diagnosis of autism or who have been referred to a Paediatrician for General Developmental Assessment (GDA) or are on the waiting list for the Autism Spectrum Assessment Pathway.

Children can be referred to the Early Years Support Panel by Consultant and Community Paediatricians, Speech & Language Therapists and by members of the multi-disciplinary Autism Spectrum Assessment Pathway (ASAP) team. Where other colleagues wish to make a referral for a place at Seedlings they should seek supporting advice from a member of the ASAP team.
T: 01302 862103
E: earlysupportpanel@doncaster.gov.uk

Referral form for Seedlings Placement - Settings
Download (529KB)
Referral form for Seedlings Placement - Non Settings
Download (987KB)
03.03.2017 PSIT Seedlings Request
Download (141KB)
Early Years Panel Request Form (PSIT - Seedlings)
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